After years of studying people who are making a difference in their homes, communities, and in the world, I’ve come accross some consistent phases everyday people go through as they become actively engaged in making a difference in the world. I call these The Five Phases of Rising Up.

How do you respond to injustice, suffering or even downright evil? This isn’t exactly a winning question. In fact, it is rather uncomfortable–it makes me want to shake it off.

But everyday, every act of goodwill, kindness, and love, or how we respond to politics or our neighbor reflects this.

The Five Phases of Rising Up is the process humans go through as they begin to consider, care about, act on, find their space in, and then live out intentionally in response to the social problems, or justice issues of this day and age.

I want to help you become more fully alive and find your best role as a world changer. We never really “arrive”: we continue to become. However, it is much easier to move forward if we know what phase we are in currently, and how to get to the next.

What the Five Phases of Rising Up is NOT

The Five Phases of Rising Up isn’t really about your perfect purpose or calling. You can use this quick roadmap, or engage in Life Mapping if you really want to figure out who you are meant to be, what direction to head in, and how to do that well.

How Do You Move Forward as a World Changer?

Of course, that is about as simple as it gets. No details. What are the pitfalls? How do you move forward?

If you’d like to really get into it, I speak on this and do virtual workshops on walking through this process too!

Stay-tuned, as I will be incorporating this steps into a lot more content at Average Advocate. In the meantime, be sure you get updates from me to not miss out! (Easiest way to get updates is to grab one of my free tools designed to help you, like the one below, or any here)