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 Elisa Johnston of Average Advocate and the LBD.Project

Having listened to hundreds of speakers over the years and being involved in many events myself, I understand the desire to find the right speaker for your events. Considering, I want to help you decide easily if I am the right speaker to meet your needs.

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Making It Easy For You

To make it easy for you, this is what you can expect:

1.) Prompt replies to emails and texts about the event

2.) Phone call prior to the event to better understand how I can serve your audience well and clarify expectations

3.) Preparation to be able to present dynamically and meet your objectives

4.) Follow-up after the event on how I could improve your experience working with me


Speaking Topics

Although I love to tailor presentations specifically for my audience from my area of expertise, such as actively engaging on a myriad of social issues, finding personal vision and purpose, or christian discipleship–the following are the presentations which best suit most audiences:


  • Be an Ordinary, Normal, Everyday World Changer

-This speech brings the overwhelming complexity of changing the world back to the basics. Elisa will take humorous bits and pieces of her story to reveal a path to your audience, empowering them to find their own way in their everyday ordinary lives to make a difference.

  • When Everyday People Do Something About Human Trafficking

-Elisa will unveil the issue of human trafficking to you through a combination of facts and stories, while ending on hope. She underwent speaker training by Polaris and the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force, was the founder of a regional anti-trafficking organization and the non-profit Blackout Trafficking, an annual international anti-trafficking challenge

  • Identity Roadmap: How to Be Who You Were Meant To Be and Do What You Were Born To Do

-Elisa’s own journey of pursuing my “calling” has been one of confusion, striving, and burn-out. But slowly, a story has been woven, just like all of our stories are. Through her own experiences in leadership, intentionally, making disciples of Jesus, and practicing life-coaching–there is a message of hope to spare others pain and to learn how to live a life they were born to live. 

Elisa Speaking

Workshops and Other Keynotes:

  • Beyond Herodias: The Kingdom of Forgiveness (example here)
  • Three Reasons the Church Must Respond To Human Trafficking (and they aren’t what you might expect)
  • JustKids: Using The Issue of Human Trafficking To Teach Kids to Care, Act, and Protect Themselves From Exploitation or Raising World Changers While Being One Yourself
  • Life Mapping One-Day or Retreat
  • SERVE: What Living “Out” in the Story of God’s Kingdom
  • Sex Trafficking Prevention (for ages 10+)
  • Eating Disorders and Body Image (for girls ages 10+)
  • Starting an Organization that Makes a Difference in Social Issues
  • Forming a Weekend Backpack Program to Help Local Hungry Kids
  • Seven Magical Characteristics of a World Changer
  • Protecting Your Child From Sexual Exploitation 
  • Burnout Recovery for World Changers
  • Finding Your Best Fit To Make a Difference in your Home, Community, and World
  • What Does “Biblical Justice” Have to Do With You?
  • Worldview and Overviews of World Religions
  • Five Ways People Relate to God–And the One That Works
  • Discipleship in the Real World: Making Followers of Jesus
  • The Cost of Following Jesus
  • Discipleship Tools
  • Productivity Hacks To Overcome the Overwhelm
  • Team Leadership Hacks for Rising Leaders

A Little About Me

I have grown up in a world serving others–both a good thing and a bad thing. If interested, you can read more about my life experience on my consulting-coaching page. As it relates to speaking, I have the stories and experiences to provide both entertainment and value in my speaking engagements (whether I share about the time we accidentally stole a car in Mexico or toughing through motherhood while itching to do something more “significant”).

My Myers-Briggs personality is an ENFJ, which means my main descriptors are “Advocate, energizer, discoverer, catalyst: giving life, you and ideas an extra squeeze,” while falling in the 5% of humankind with other great public speakers like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and James Dobson (William Jefferies, Profiles of the 16 Personality Types, p.87).

Now, I am not claiming to have the skill of these excellent communicators, but I do promise to help your audience think differently, while leaving them both challenged and inspired with vision for a better them and a better world.


“She was up on stage, pregnant like I was, and I knew if she could do something about human trafficking, so could I.”

~Jen, martial arts studio owner, mom, and now on the Blackout Trafficking

Elisa is full of wisdom and insight.  With her knowledge, she challenged me to seek a closer walk with Jesus.  I highly recommend Elisa as a speaker for any event, especially for women looking to be stretched to the next level.

~Sandra, Pastor

Elisa not only reminded us of the issues around us, but gave us the means to identify where we are in our walk with them and a range of tools to act on. We’ve been teaching on reconciliation, justice and righteousness and were so blown away by the timing of her talk!  A lot of women came up to me to tell me that they needed to hear her talk as well.”

~Megan, MOPS Coordinator

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