Are you sick of all the pressure to hustle? So am I. And that is why I am inviting you to participate in No Hustle November!

Why No Hustle?

As I was scrolling through IG, I could feel the pressure building. There were so many calls for action and so many I wanted to participate in. Today, like everyday, IG was filled with so much busy-ness. So much success. I closed the app and saw my notifications. Whoa! How many emails had I gotten since yesterday? At least ten of these were newsletters from my peers, writers and coaches. How had they found the time? I was weeks overdue and my draft was barely begun. Glancing at the other important and urgent things in my inbox, it looked like I wouldn’t get to it today either. Unless I hustled a little and stayed up late…

November is coming. And with it, No Hustle November #Nohustllenovember #Nohustlevember where we get to say no to the hustle.

Ever been there? Your hustle probably looks different than mine, as a writer, coach and activist. But whether it is the push to be healthier, skinnier, stronger, smarter, volunteer, finish that degree, that project, make your thing bigger and better–there is always something that can be hustled for more. Our culture capitalizes on getting busy, pushing in, being strong, making things happen, proving ourselves, and working as hard as possible for change. On the other hand, it gives little validation to slowing down, doing nothing, refilling, or giving ourselves grace and acceptance in who we are and where we are at. Feelings of shame, comparison and inadequacy often come with relaxing. Sabbaticals and sabbaths are not the norm. Explaining idleness seems necessary to prove we are not lazy. Only recovery is encouraged, and even that usually comes with a heavy weight to be productive again as soon as possible.

There are definitely seasons to dedicate ourselves to work. But there must also be seasons for rest. And even in the work, I believe it can be done without the striving, stress, and “proving ourselves” mentality that often drives the hustle.

And that is why No Hustle November was born!


What is No Hustle November?

No Hustle November is simple and its goal is two-fold. In it we practice:

  1. Intentionally choosing not to hustle when the pressure builds
  2. Showing others how you are choosing to not hustle, as an example and inspiration to them to do the same

How Did It Get Started?

In 2019, playing on the alteration and as a way to help myself, I started practicing No Hustle November. Then last year, being sick and hospitalized, it was easy for me to talk about not hustling. The need to rest was forced on me and I didn’t like it. You don’t have to be good at resting and not hustling to participate in No Hustle November, in fact, sharing the struggle is what connected most with my readers. As I had so many respond, I wanted to broaden the invitation.

Will you join me in choosing not to hustle?

No Hustle November #Nohustllenovember #Nohustlevember getting ready for the month of less hustle.

Start With Why

We always do well when we name why we do what we do. For me, I choose not to hustle because it is how I proclaim that I am already enough. My faith teaches that Jesus accepted me and makes me enough, therefore I am enough. Practicing No Hustle November is how I come into alignment with this belief. In addition, one of the top values at Average Advocate is to give out of rest; to pour out of fullness. I empower you to change the world without burning out. Intentionally not hustling sets us up to serve the world more fully alive. No Hustle November makes sense for me with this why.

What about you? What is your why? Share it! One of the reasons I hope others will join me in this is because I love learning from others.

How to Participate

No Hustle November is an intention. And, as the principle of No Hustle November is to not hustle, one of the requirements of participating is to not hustle as you practice it!

1.) Living it:

First, you want to practice not hustling. How do you get in touch with rest? Slowing down? Accepting yourself? Refilling? If you need ideas, I share plenty. But I am looking forward to learning from your methods!

2.) Showing it:

Do this in-person, around your friends and family. For example, choosing to not hustle can powerfully influence the way you approach the holidays. When I was a child, once my mom cooked a chicken for Thanksgiving instead of a Turkey. Instead of slaving all day in the kitchen, they took us on a hiking adventure in the mountains. I was annoyed that we weren’t eating the traditional meal. But now I see she was modeling of refilling and not hustling. (Thanks mom!)

For those with an online presence, how can you communicate your journey and experiences there? Here’s an example of when I shared about how difficult it was to stop hustling for my coaching certification last fall. This type of sharing requires vulnerability, but it is worth it.

In addition, talk about not hustling in your field of expertise. For example, I empower people to do advocacy well from their everyday life. An example post for me was “Why World Changers Hustle.” What would you talk about? If you’re a teacher you might talk about not hustling as a teacher. As a mom, not hustling as a mom. As a influencer, writer, minister, therapist, musician, show how you don’t hustle within your own sphere of influence.

How Do You Start?

You just start! If you want, tag me in your posts @averageadvocate so I can learn from you and cheer you on. I use the hashtags #NoHustleNovember or #Nohustlevember and #hustleless so that I can find these posts later.

Here’s to growing and becoming more fully alive as we stop hustling!

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