Family Summer Challenge ChecklistChecklists? I love 'em!
5 Phases of Rising UpReady to rise up? See where you are on the journey and find your next step.

We all can use some more free resources to be who we are meant to be and make the difference that we were born to make! Here are ideas, frameworks, and coaching tools to empower you to change the world as you go!

Five Phases of Rising Up

5 Phases of Rising UpReady to rise up? See where you are on the journey and find your next step.

Justice from a Faith Perspective

Serve & Equip: What is Biblical Justice?Six Week Study To Help Ordinary People Understand What Biblical Justice Has to Do With Them

Although many who come to Average Advocate aren't followers of Jesus, those who are have often been unsure about "justice" and how it intertwines with their faith. This six week study will empower you and/or your small group to understand Biblical Justice. As edits are still being made to this extensive study, I am currently letting all use it with the request that you send me your feedback. Thank you!

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Household Agreement Template

Household Agreement TemplateHave you ever had people live in your home that weren't your spouse/partner or children? If your considering inviting someone to live with you to help them out, you need a household agreement. Why? Living with people is hard!

As a kid, my parents let people live with us. I continued the trend in adulthood to help friends out for a variety of reasons. But it didn't always go so well. We've made many household agreements over the years and this template has helped us avoid the same mistakes again. Now it can help you!

Fundraising 101 Workshop

Fundraising 101 WorkshopContent from Fundraising 101 Workshop. This is geared for nonprofits, small orgs, and everyday people using crowdfunding. everyday person as well! Contact me if you're interested in hosting a Fundraising 101 Workshop!

Here is how to fundraise!

7 Qualities Checklist for Rising Leaders

7 Essential Qualities For Rising LeadersAre you making a difference in a nonprofit, ministry, social good business or by speaking out? Are you an activist or an everyday mama leading others? This is for you as you use your influence to change the world!

Make sure you have these qualities as you lead forth!

Acts of Kindness Checklist

Begin with kindness

Journal Through Change

Journal Through ChangeFree Journaling Prompts to Guide You Through Change

Family Challenge Summer Checklist

family summer challenge checklist

Family Challenge Summer Checklist

Family Summer Challenge ChecklistChecklists? I love 'em!
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Purpose Roadmap

Purpose RoadmapLive a Story Worth Living

If the idea of "purpose" always seemed a little vague to you or you don't have a lot of time to spare, this is for you!

Purpose Roadmap: Discover A Story Worth Living is a free mini-workbook with seven-destination points to help you intentionally choose what you want to let motivate you in life.