Welcome! I’m Elisa!

I’m pretty much your everyday person, busy, adulting, working and keeping up with my family of three kids, one housemate, and a hot, intelligent husband (who will never read this, so I can get away with that!). After filling out paperwork for the kid’s school stuff, sitting in traffic, and making grocery runs, I’m tired.
       Then I add in the anti-trafficking nonprofit I run, ministry leadership, and writing, speaking and coaching with Average Advocate. No joke–I am slammed! (Just like you probably are!)
       This is why I’ve had to relearn how to do life so I am alive, and making a difference in my home, community, and world come out of that first.  This means I often have to let things go and step out of the hustle. And that is O.K. I’m still learning how to be fully alive as I change the world. Is this part of your story too? 

I can’t wait to get to know you and hear your own story!

Your Faves and My Faves

What's Your Type of Music?

I love folky music and techno music, hard rock and 40’s jazz. For a couple years I aspired to be a musician-songwriter and always first think of myself as a proskuneo

What Are Your Hobbies?

Believe it or not, one of my favorite parts of the day is writing my Instagram post! I am also a big fantasy and sci-fi reader.

What's Your drink?

I am not 100% a coffee snob, but I am still probably 78%. Sometimes I blog about coffee instead too at San Diego Coffee Tour.

What Do You Like To Explore?

As an adult with a budget, I couldn’t travel as I had dreamed. I began filling my wanderlust bucket with local Friday Adventure Days with my kids. We still explore wherever and whenever we can.



Human (Muggle)

(Gave up on being God or an alien awhile ago)


Wife & Mom

(1 man, 3 kids, 1 housemate)



(worldview < life-source)



(church groups, to book groups, writing groups, to your group)

Empowered People Chill HEre

"I'm inspired to not be afraid of talking with people who are different than me."


“Elisa laid it out something overwhelming, changing the world, so simply with love big and love small. I thought, I can do that."

 – Mike

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