Let’s get honest. Sometimes advocacy and activism can get discouraging. The global water crisis gives me hope, though. Not because there are millions who still have no access to safe water, but because our advocacy work has made a difference over the years! This interview was joyful as we learn what’s going on with global water, how we can do good with our family in easy ways, and moving into hopeful and healthy changemaking!

What Was this Interview On Safe Water and Hopeful Changemaking All About?

It took @pamthenomad nearly a year to get online again for the Justice Daily Podcast and finally have this conversation about access to safe water and hopeful changemaking! It might have taken awhile for us to schedule, but it was worth it! 

  • I believe listening to her story will be as equipping for you as it was for me! Here is some of what we covered:
  • Safe water: the problem
  • The changing context of social issues
  • Using hope as a motivator
  • WASH: solutions for water access
  • Doing good better
  • Easy action ideas to do something
  • Involving kids
  • Indigenous access to clean water
  • Pam’s story of rising up
  • Five phases of rising up
  • Getting started

Listen to the Interview Here!

“It is so hard to keep boundaries. Changemakers are a notoriously unhealthy group. Why because there are kids dying. The problems are urgent. But they can’t take over life.”

Pam the Nomad

“I love being in the community when the water is turned on for the first time. There is hope. There is joy!

Pam the Nomad