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Intentional Acts of Kindness

Love checklists? So do I!

If you need ideas to help you start doing spectacularly little--and yet kind--actions that make a difference, this is for you. 

Family Summer Challenge ChecklistChecklists? I love 'em!
5 Phases of Rising UpReady to rise up? See where you are on the journey and find your next step.

You should write a book! Has anyone told you that? Maybe you are unsure about writing a book, but if you have a message to bring to others, I want to tell you about something that has become very dear to me: Hope*Writers.

Have you heard these?

  1. You should write a book!
  2. You communicate well!
  3. Have you thought of starting a blog?
  4. You should be a speaker!
  5. A YouTube channel? Or that you should communicate, write, speak or share your message?

Then, if these are some things you feel:

  1. Overwhelmed (by the options available)
  2. Unsure (about your message)
  3. Confused (how to navigate the business of communicating world)

If you relate to any of these, Hope*Writers might be a good next step for you!

(Yes, this is an affiliate post. This means I could earn money–which only goes back to running this blog–if you decide to purchase anything affiliated with Hope*Writers. But at Average Advocate, I’ve committed to only ever giving honest reviews. If I promote something, it is because I love it.)

Hope*Writers Day on Zoom!
Hope*Writers Day on Zoom

What’s Your Message?

I started blogging back in January of 2005, when blogs were barely a thing. I loved to write. I was a horrible writer. And I had a message to share. But I had no clue what it was. Fast-forward fifteen years.

-Everyday people can change the world-

(and do so while fully alive)

-Average Advocate-

The above sounds pretty familiar, right? I write about it all the time. I also write about a ton of other things, but they always lead back to this message. I wonder what it would be like if I could have given Hope*Writers to myself at the beginning of blogging. I don’t regret the slow growth I’ve gone through, but I would love to empower other who want to make a difference through their messages avoid so many bumps along the way.

It hasn’t been easy to get here, let alone have all I need to share this message well. It was hard to find the training, support and community I’ve needed to be able to do this. I’ve joined countless webinars, bought courses, joined a membership mastermind (which was still really helpful)…However, it has really only been through Hope*Writers that I finally feel like I’ve found “my tribe” and direction as a communicator. Here I have connections, cheerleaders, training, and empowerment for the specific stage of writing I am in (a book). I even joined Hope*Writers very reluctantly–I was part of one of their small writers groups (Hope*Circles) and listened to their podcast long before I went all in (and even then I was only planning on joining for three months)!

It is no wonder I am recommending them.

Here’s some help to share you message:

First, where are you on the message journey? Do you know how to share it? Are you unsure how to publish? Do you need connections? Want to network? Learn where you are, as that is helpful: Take the quick quiz.

Second, if you ARE thinking about writing a book I would look at this first. Here is a free guide just for you: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Write a Book.

If you don’t think you are ready for something like Hope*Writers yet, these posts might be helpful for you:

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Impostor Syndrome: Message

If you do join Hope*Writers:

Step One: They have an open-season for joining only three times a year (May, September and January). When it is that time-period, go to this link to join.

Step Two: Take 30 seconds to tell Hope*Writers that I recommended them to you here.

Step Three: Tell me! DM or email me so I can support you! You might be at the same place I am, and want to join a Hope*Circle with me! (A Hope*Circle is a free writers group or small group that provides relationship and accountability to help you move forward–in addition you can also join me for Life Mapping to coach you through your purpose, goals, and schedule.)

Purpose RoadmapLive a Story Worth Living

If the idea of "purpose" always seemed a little vague to you AND you don't have a lot of time to spare, this is for you!

Purpose Roadmap: Discover A Story Worth Living is a free mini-workbook with seven-destination points to help you intentionally choose what you want to let motivate you in life. This is what I'm hear for, to empower everyday people like you to know where to start in all of life's craziness to begin discovering our best roles (and not burnt-out roles) to change the world. And this is the perfect place to start!