How can we reduce trauma’s influence? We all have stories that affect and shape us. But from our everyday lives, as changemakers, we can still live justice daily a little bit better by not letting our stories and trauma get the best of us or those we are serving. And although we might not totally be able to prevent burnout, we can do a lot to help us. This interview with Michelle Stiffler (writer and trauma expert will help!).

Description about reducing trauma's influence in doing good with Michelle Stiffler, a trauma specialist.

What Was the Interview On Reducing Trauma’s Influence About?

How does your stress and trauma affect you as a changemaker? What about in your organizations? (Here’s an example of how it is affecting me!) I really enjoyed this conversation, I found it refreshing and inspiring to really be gracious with myself as I recover from trauma and be less scared of future challenges.

Michelle of @onemoretruth and I were able to get together recently to discuss some of the following topics:

  • Burnout
  • Ways to process emotions and trauma
  • Making organizations healthy
  • Protecting those we serve
  • Minimizing and naming emotions
  • Blame, shame, and mercy for changemakers
  • Fawn, Flight, Flight, Freeze

I am pretty sure every changemaker here can relate with some of what we talked about! Especially if you want to be an healthy person as you engage in serving others, justice work, ministry or caregiving. There is a lot to glean from this conversation, so I encourage you to take a listen while driving or doing the laundry. Then let us know what you got out of it!

Listen to the Interview Here!

Please follow Michelle Stiffler here and support her work as she continues writing, training on trauma, and begins her new business!

She has a lot of experience with women in crisis especially so feel free to reach out to connect to learn more or to find trauma support networks in your area!

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