Fundraising isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but every year during the LBD.Project–where we fight slavery during the month of March–we try to make it as easy as possible for our participants to fundraise. We want them to know how to get their ducks in a row, so they feel competent and are able to do the best they can. Here is our list of helpful fundraising hints that we give them.

If you aren’t doing the LBD.Project, but are fundraising, these are still hints you can work through to get all your ducks in a row. They will make a huge difference!

Helpful Fundraising Hints

-Get ready to post as often as you can about your fundraiser. We’ve tried different types of posting techniques, but not surprisingly, daily posts help people get the most donations.

-Compile some quote, facts, or images of yourself and put them in a folder to pull-out during your fundraiser. Because we didn’t want you to have to spend all your time on this, Here is a bunch in our LBD.Project 2017 Media Kit.

-In the Media Kit there are also flyers for you to print with what we are doing and where to donate.

-You can use our 31 Human Trafficking Facts for 31 Days by copying and pasting them into you posts.

-Continue to check back on our Instagram and Facebook group, where we will continue to share and upload. Please ask questions on the Facebook Group too! Engaging with your fundraising group makes a huge difference.

-Wear a button because this helps people ask you questions. If you are participating in the LBD.Project, you can request one here.

-If you don’t mind paying a few bucks, buy your own here and choose which one you’d like or get other LBD.Project paraphernalia. The more you brand yourself as doing this project, the more noticeable it will be.

-Please set up a fundraising page! If you need help figuring out how to set up a fundraising page under the group fundraiser, email and we’ll get you set up with someone to walk you through it. (If you are doing a different type of fundraiser, check out this post about the fundraising platform, Crowdrise)

-EMAIL IS STILL BY FAR THE BEST WAY TO COMMUNICATE WITH PEOPLE YOU KNOW! If you haven’t yet, we can’t encourage you enough to send out a group email telling people what you are doing. Don’t spam them, but sending an email at the beginning of the month and at the end is very much worth it! Here is a copy & paste template to make this easy for you!

-Use the fundraiser’s hashtags when you post stuff. Ours are #LBDProject2017 and #LBDProject.

-Dance like no one is watching.

-When you post pictures, facts, etc… daily on all your social media accounts, be sure to include the link to where you want money donated to both in that post and in your profile. It is hard enough to get people to take 5 minutes to donate, let alone have to go searching for a link!

-To make it easier when you post stuff, have a note in your phone with your why, what, and fundraising link to copy and paste everytime you post.

-Honestly, don’t expect people to donate to you if you haven’t led the way by donating $10 yourselves. Besides wear your black thing daily, this is the one cost to participating in this project. Live a life worthy of imitation because whether you believe it or not, they are watching you.

-Remember you are doing something valuable, rare, and unique–but you aren’t alone. When your confidence shakes, don’t forget that why you are doing this is worth you being brave despite your fear. You are standing for something. That isn’t easy, and it is why we think you are amazing!

I have no doubt these helpful hints will maximize your impact. We can do this! If you are part of the LBD.Project 2017, we are so excited to work with you this year!
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