Every year Average Advocate runs a project called the LBD.Project (or the Little Black Dress Project). I’ve been talking about it a lot recently.

In it, we each choose a black item of clothing, wearing it every day through March. Through it, we learn a little about what it is like to have our choice limited and are reminded of the 21-45 million slaves in the world.

That we can do something about this oppression through the LBD.Project.

If you care about modern day slavery, I really encourage you to check LBD.Project out as we change the world together. We have some really great regional nonprofits as well as this year’s featured international org, Hope For Justice, whom we are working with.

Let’s be world changers together.


Please consider this your personal invitation to join us in something black and/or donate $10 to help all of your fellow average advocate hoodlums as we embark on 31 days of commitment to stand on behalf of the oppressed.
You can do it, brave one.


Learn how here.

Love always,


(In her black shirt/dress/leggings/coat/sweater/scarf–what will it be this year?)