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Build a Bigger Wall or Build a Longer Table?

Are you inspired to build a longer table? Or do you tend to find yourself in agreement with the push for building a higher, bigger wall? We all come to the immigration debate with differing perspectives, but at Average Advocate we all agree we were born to make a difference in the word based off of living justly and loving others.

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Hello and Goodbye

This January, a new show about minimizing and decluttering made its debut, Tidying Up, in which sweet Marie Kondo helps families organize and declutter their homes. Kondo’s message is, “tidiness brings joy.” I...

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Welcome to Elisa Johnston

What I’m I About?

Like you might be, I’m a busy parent, a leader of some, and I even burnt-out while doing world changing things (surprise!). I re-calibrated. I’ve brushed-off, grown a little, and now use my experiences (both the good and bad) to continue empowering you to make a difference–but while also guiding you be more fully alive. Sound good? > Let’s do this!


Dear You,

Raise Kids Who Care

Kids Character Challenge Average Advocate

What Do You Need?

Justice Daily Manifesto

Justice Daily Manifesto

Curious about the intersection between justice and your everday life? This 21-point manifesto is a great starting place to challenge yourself! Mulitple desgins, print your favorite, and begin living daily each day.

You just got your Justice Daily Manifesto! Continue on your journey to practice living justice each day of your life! Find me on socials @averageadvocate and let me know what phase you're in!