This January, a new show about minimizing and decluttering made its debut, Tidying Up, in which sweet Marie Kondo helps families organize and declutter their homes.

Kondo’s message is, “tidiness brings joy.” I believe saying “hello and goodbye” kinda does the same thing.

Hello and goodbye

On New Year’s Eve I found myself sitting in the back of a 77 hours of prayer and worship session at my church with my laptop open, determined to embark on something I’ve never done before dubbed “Hello/Goodbye.”

Doing Hello/Goodbye is different than just doing you average run-of-the-mill new year’s resolutions (which have nothing on Life Mapping). However, it still embodies the premise of living intentionally.

Essentially, you want to ask yourself two questions:

1.) What do you need to say goodbye to from 2018?

This is where the whole “Tidying Up,” thing comes in. What baggage–whether good or bad–from 2018 do you have to let go of as you move into this year?

2.) What do you need to say hello to in 2019?

What expectations do you have? How can you get there? What experiments will you try?

Official Hello/Goodbye

There is actually a great resource that actually helps you processed Hello and Goodbye in more depth, as this is actually where it originated. I first heard of Hello/Goodbye from Lead Stories Media. (You should probably know that Lead Stories makes resources for followers of Jesus.)

If you are interested in checking out the official version of Hello/Goodbye you can get it here.