Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit the model for classic activism? That you were too empathetic, too normal, too interested in technology, or too sensitive to engage in social change? It’s probably way many people don’t relate to the term “activist,” even if they care about the world becoming better.

Dorcas Cheng-Tozun is the QUEEN of not fitting the mold, even though she tried for many years, and eventually burned out. Eventually, she determined history probably has a different path to teach us, and so she researched and learned new ways of activism. Or more accurately, they are not new ways, but are often not noticed. This is what inspired her to write her book, Social Justice for the Sensitive Soul. Not only did she write a thought-shifting book, but Dorcas helps us everyday changemakers figure out where we fit in the puzzle.

If the term “activism” makes you feel exhausted, this episode of Justice Daily is for you!

“There is no one right way to make social change happen.”

– Dorcas Cheng-Tosun


Dorcas Cheng-Tozun and I covered so many topics over our conversation! I decided that if we lived near each other, we’d be good friends. She has so much wisdom for us to glean from! Here are some of the topics :

  • Six unique ways we can create social change (including being a librarian!)
  • Living internationally
  • Why Rosa Parks felt empowered
  • The role of training
  • Sustainable changemaking
  • Implementing rest and balance
  • How to empower teenagers to practice justice
  • Joy in changemaking
  • Knowing yourself to know what your best fit is
  • Developing a social enterprise

Listen to the Interview on Social Justice for the Sensitive Soul here!

“We need joy in activism. No one can survive on suffering alone.”

– Dorcas Cheng-Tosun

“Sustainable activism cannot be separated from authenticity.”

– Dorcas Cheng-Tozun


Most of us might not look like classic activists, but history shows us that what we do still matters! Remember, a significant portion of this book includes questions to help you determine who you are and your best fit to make a difference. Here are some other ways to grow as a changemakers, thanks to Dorcas Cheng-Tozun’s work!

  • Be sure to grab Social Justice for the Sensitive Soul at a bookstore near you.
  • FollowΒ @chengtozunΒ on IG, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Grab her resources at her website: Grounding Practices and Six Areas of Justice Work
  • She gave you permission to reach out to her personally, so take advantage of that!
Get a copy for Social Justice for the Sensitive Soul here (This is an affiliate link, which changes nothing for you but helps me occasionally by a cup of coffee!)

“How you engage in activism is different from how I engage in activism. And that is a wonderful thing!

– Dorcas Cheng-Tosun