Today I had a great conversation with Leah Wacek, writer at A Generous Life (take a second to follower her on IG at It’s in two parts and we cover a lot of content to empower us everyday people on how to foster generosity.

Interview with Leah Wacek:

What We Covered About Fostering Generosity:

  • Leah tells us her story of becoming generous
  • The difference between a percentage giver and an amount giver
  • Hindrances and obstacles among everyday people keeping them from being generous: boundaries, overwhelm,
  • How Leah chooses as a family to give
  • What role Leah’s kids play in being a generous family
  • Ideas to raise generous kids
  • Shame surrounding giving and generosity
  • Moving from “should’s” to baby steps in generosity
  • Helping that hurts
  • Responsibility of the giver (letting go of control of outcome)
  • Surprise! How kids could communicate and connect via long-term relationships in the Dominican Republic
  • Takeaway: You don’t have to be rich to be generous!
  • Leah’s coming book: we can support her by signing up for her newsletter and engaging with her on social media haring Leah’s reels, stories, posts and engaging with her online to build her platform

Resources to Empower Us to Foster Generosity:

Here are some of the resources we mentioned in our conversation. First, Elisa was telling a story from Blackout Trafficking, about one of our partners, Alabaster Jar. In these interviews, Leah talked a lot about Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos.

Leah Recommended:

How to Inspire Elementary Aged Kids to Generosity

How We Give Away 10% (Practical Steps)

List of Ways to Get Going With Generosity

Elisa Recommended:

Ethical Storytelling (podcast, training, community and resources)

The Power of Half by Hannah and Kevin Salwen

How Can You Foster Generosity This Week?

1.) Keeping gift cards with you to give out when needed

2.) Asking your kids, “How can we be generous today?” & brainstorming ideas

3.) Choosing a % to giveaway (for both challenge & boundaries)

4.) Opening a “big give” savings account

5.) Scheduling days to give through the year