If you aren’t sure how to give and how to give well, I suggest checking out my most recent article–10 Tips to Help You Be Generous and Smart on Giving Tuesday.



Be A Smart Giver On Giving Tuesday


#GivingTuesday was coming up so I emailed my fellow hoodlums of our World Changers United group (where I give my inside scoop, weekly challenges, and support to those who are want to take steps to be the difference maker they were born to be). I realized though, the tips I gave about how to give well might not be widely known to everyone and I could serve people better by posting them on Huffington Post for more people to catch.


(Recently I’ve been writing at Huffington Post, as it turns out other people are interested in some of the same things I talk about here–like the girls around the world who can’t go to school because of their period.)


I want you to feel the joy from being a generous world changer, but I also want to equip you to be smart while you give as not all things are good to give to.


Smart Giving Average Advocate


A lot of people need a checklist of sorts to feel confident when they give, so I threw together some of my best donor advice. I’m sure it isn’t that profound, but maybe you can use it as a checklist.


If you’d like to see these tips that I use to be a smart donor check them out and share them with others who might find them useful.


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All day today our social media feeds and inboxes will be filled with challenges to give on #GivingTuesday. I hope you use those opportunities to be generous, and invite others to be generous with you. But I also challenge you to take it one step further, by inviting your family and friends to be smart about giving as well.


Regardless, here’s to a great day of generosity, where we will pour out our world changing super-powers of giving to causes and orgs that truly deserve them! (And if you can’t give $, consider volunteering–your time can even be more valuable!)


Let me know in the comments below how you were generous and smart in your giving today!


Giving is good but not all oppurtunities are good to give to