There is no better way to start of 2017 than by reading some social good books to help you become a world changer! Am I right or am I right?


Okay, maybe not everyone is convinced that is true or an obsessive reader like me. In fact, I have a hard time getting through non-fiction, but I try to not let that deter me anymore. If I keep up with my goal of three non-fiction pages a day, I stay in the loop and learning.


If we want to become world changers–which we do–we have to learn from those already changing the world! Because of that, I’ve been buying books throughout the fall to do a big giveaway in January of books with a social good focus. Some of these are memoirs, which I find helps me learn about a problem better, but the story-telling dynamic keeps it easy to read.


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Books From A Christian Worldview


Although this blog isn’t just for followers of Jesus, this giveway is mostly books written by people coming at global social issues from this perspective. I promise–I’ll do a more generic giveaway another time! But this time I wanted to focus on empowering people coming a global problems with the moral compass that I share with them.




Because a lot of Christians either don’t know what to think or how to respond to social issues. Whether it is fearing the words “social justice” (so liberal!) or whether it is not sure how to actually get involved, what to get involved in–or convinced it is our place–these books can help. 


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Social Good Books in Average Advocate’s Giveaway


So what books? Of course you’d ask. Here is a list:


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