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Ya, I know, those things are no biggy.


Wait, are you telling me life isn’t always a cake-walk? Managing your time isn’t as simple as a slice of bread? Finding meaning and purpose doesn’t just come naturally, like dancing on sunshine?


Ya, I hear you.

Life Mapping For Lions


And although I know I probably just said E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. you want in life, Life Mapping isn’t a perfect solution. In fact, for it to work you have to work hard at it and find accountability.

And even then, it’s just a freaking map. Not a fine-toothed detailed plan to make your life perfect. Rather, it will probably help you realize you might actually want to change directions and do hard things and become, well, different. It might require you to mature a little or question your beliefs.

Did I just do the opposite of sell you on Life Mapping?


Good, because if I turned you off from it that easily, Life Mapping really isn’t for you.


Even if you feel like you’d like to do all the things, but you aren’t sure where to start (and maybe you’re burning-out, carrying too much), if you don’t want to do the work to change, this isn’t for you.


Even if you are just sick of living an unintentional life.


Even if you wonder if you are just a dreamer, your visions are so impossible, and if it isn’t even worth it to try.


Or even if you have no dreams in sight, your life is going nowhere and you’re afraid your life will be meaningless.


Even if all those things are true–don’t bother Life Mapping, even though that will probably help you turn all of this around.


You might ask, “but why the h-double-hockey-sticks not?” (Well, maybe you wouldn’t ask that exactly that way, as you might actually use all the #$@#&$@#* that I fear offending God and man with, but occasionally skirt the edges of anyway)


You Have To Want It

Why not? Because you have to actually want to. Life Mapping isn’t for kitty-cats. It is for people who want to become LIONS (metaphorically, of course). 


Oh. Wait. You want to do it?

If I’ve already sold you on this free way to change the direction of your life, just click this image:

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My (Elisa’s) Life Mapping Story


For many years I struggled with some of those things–purpose, overwhelm, dreaming, intentional living, being scattered and burnt-out.  I began showing negative symptoms of an imbalanced life. My desire to change the world and my involvement in advocacy work was beginning to hurt my relationship with God and my family.


When I finally took the time to stop, recuperate, and consider where I was headed, I knew that I would have to move forward differently in the future. I began implementing goals and boundaries, pursued intentional focus, and stopped letting life control me.


I began Life Mapping.



I found my personal Life Map like an anchor to help me stick to my priorities and not feel overwhelmed all of the time. I began feeling like I was moving at the right pace, was going the right away, and I started feeling fulfilled as I became more centered to what matters and live out my calling.


Now, don’t get me wrong. Just because I know where I am going and am a lot more clear on how to get there doesn’t mean all those things about me that make me crazy just go away. I didn’t change because I made a Life Map. Instead, my Life Map helps me change into the person I was designed to be.


It is slow progress–becoming a lioness (a world changing, hoodlum, lioness). But progress is happening in every major area of my life.


These areas are still hard for me to balance. But I am learning how.


Where Does A Life Map Help?


Okay, I am sure you are curious about “what areas” a Life Map actually affects. So here is my list, not entirely in order of importance: living life with God in my faith; working towards a healthy marriage; my children and motherhood; having a peaceful home, such as being a good steward of my resources; taking care of myself physically and learning the arts of rest and boundaries; being creative, free and full of life and discovery; growing in relationships with my extended family and community; mentoring and influencing my tribe of world changing hoodlums; my career here, at Average Advocate; and my living outward involvement in my church, community, globe . . .


See. That is a lot to learn how to manage without outright quitting or failing.


And this is why Life Mapping has been revolutionary for me as it helps me move forward in all of those areas.


Is Life Mapping Really THAT Empowering?


Now, I am not sure if everyone who Life Maps will have the same experience I did, although for those I’ve help walk through it, it has.


Honestly, I feel like Life Mapping is something that every person on earth should do, although I have no doubt there are wiser people than me who’ve learned how to be who they were born to be and live it out without a Life Map. (If you know some of those people, stick close to them, invite them to coffee and suck up whatever you can while you still have a chance!)


But, for the rest of us (the not-so-figured it out yet), maybe we should all Life Map, create an anchor and chart a course.


Do You Also Have A Hard Time Living An Intentional Life?


You see, as I know that many of my readers, friends, and world-changing advocates have the same struggles I did, I eventually was bursting with the good news and had to share about it on Average Advocate.


Afterall, the whole purpose of Average Advocate is to empower ordinary people to be world changers. So if I actually want to empower you, my tribe at Average Advocate, I can’t just direct you on how to be involved in social issues, nor can I just be a consultant for your business/organization/projects (although I love that).


To empower you, I also have to share with you the tools I use–like Life Mapping–so you can put your own life in order and move forward in a holistically healthy way.


Don’t Make My Mistakes


And I really want to do that before you make the mistakes I did–burning out, hurting your family, faith, health, wasting your life with unintentionally.


And this is why I’ve been working off my booty (don’t worry, that was in my Life Map as a goal anyway) to get this to you. You see, I made you a Life Mapping template, all instructions included.


Honestly, giving you this is probably the best way I know how to serve you–not all the advocacy stuff, info on human trafficking, advice on your vision to start orphanages–I love doing that too.


Here is is!

Click this picture to be sent your very own (hopefully life-changing) template to create your own Life Map:

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P.S. If you are overwhelmed by how to do this–because it is a beast–you are welcome to check out my coaching page and schedule a free 30-minute discovery call. We will chat for a few, get to know each other a little better, and see if we are a good fit for me to walk you through the process of Life Mapping as your life-coach.