Have you ever thought “I wonder if we should foster?” or on the flip-side, “I could never foster?” Karly addresses all of this in our #JusticeDaily interview to give us understanding on foster care.

One of the things I love the most about these interviews is that I get to talk to amazing women who are making such a huge difference in their homes, community and world from their everyday life! Talking with Karly was so inspiring: she has so much wisdom to offer just through her life experience as she has fostered and adopted. Karly, mama of a newborn, went out of her way to empower us changemakers on this important topic.

We covered a lot of content and I was so grateful for the time she spent with us. Please check it out!

Karly shared with us the low-down on foster care:

  • What your “why” really needs to be when you go into fostering
  • When you should adopt vs. foster
  • Self-care for foster parents
  • What to do before fostering
  • Unique challenges for teens
  • Resources to check out (listed below)
  • The tension of being a White mother to children of color
  • How fostering helps other social issues (families, trafficking, etc…)
  • Ideas on how to help fostering families if we aren’t going to foster ourselves

Feel free to send us any more questions about fostering!

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Some resources mentioned in this #JusticeDaily interview were:

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