The story of Two Kingdoms and the Tale of Two Singers weave throughout this presentation as Elisa Johnston shares about forgiveness, passing down generational grudges, the singer Katy Perry and becoming free from hurt perpetrated by the Church as a former worship leader.

Please note: the first few minutes and the last section of this speech are missing. For the last part, the process of forgiveness, keep scrolling for the bullet-points. If you want to hear her finish her stories about the Tale of Two Singers and learn about the process of forgiveness and overcoming triggers, you’ll just have to have Elisa Johnston speak for you!

Signs You Need to Forgive

This is a snippet of the outline, but pay attention to these signs in your life:

1.) Hate (think: if your thought life was displayed to someone who didn’t know you, could they distinguish you from a murder?)

2.) Jealousy (think: is it hard for you to like the phrase “community over competition!”)

3.) Some forms of injustice (think: have you “inherited” racism or socioeconomic segregation from your culture or family that you live out?)

Beyond Herodias the Kindgom of Forgiveness

Process of Forgiveness

Again, here is the simplified outline:

1.) Admitting offense and injustice (or perceived injustice)

2.) Decide who you’ll choose be the judge (you? the system? God?)

3.) Empathy (Song: “When I look into the face of my enemy, I see my brother…”

4.) Know your identity (can you “be enough” without holding onto this hurt and resulting grudge? Do you want it to be part of your identity?)

5.) Release the grudge/hurt/pain/past-moment (writing it helps! If you want a pre-written guide, contact Average Advocate here!)

If you are interested in hearing Elisa Johnston speak on this, contact her here or go to her Speakers page.

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