I don’t know about you, but my moral compass has been spinning during the 2016 election. I want to seek justice as I vote, but I am not sure it is possible. To help myself (and others who felt this same tension), I asked you guys to share with me your own perspectives as you try to balance your worldview, beliefs about God, and opinions as you seek the good of our nation through the context of justice. This one was titled “How Would Jesus Vote?”



The goal of these points aren’t to fight, but to help us consider the same three points from various vantage points to help us look at all angles. 


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How Would Jesus Vote?

Recently, I have seen posts by thinkers who I respect a lot saying that they are giving away their vote this year; that they, both privileged white men, want to give their vote away, by voting as a proxy for people they have relationships with who are disenfranchised from voting.


I am bad at relationships with people, and I don’t have any relationships like that I can leverage right now. I will be praying for the opportunity to have something like that in the next few months.


While reading this article today, I started thinking about things. I agree with the subject of the article on many things; I also voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries. I think that Hillary Clinton, while having many flaws, will be better on improving racial justice than Donald Trump (Gary Johnson is pushing this issue off on his pet projects — the war on drugs — that I think doesn’t cover the full story; besides, he has no real chance of winning).


For the past several years, I have been against the two-party system. I have been voting for third-party and independent candidates since 2008. I want to see viable third parties.


I also strongly believe that Jesus will always stand with the underclass, with the outsider, with those who usually get trampled by the system.


From where I stand right now, if I am seeking how I think Jesus would vote, I think he would vote for the underclass, for those who are disenfranchised by the system.


I think Hillary is the best option for those people. She will need to be held accountable, as the one article I linked to stated, because left to her own devices she will track right.


To further clarify, I don’t think that Jesus would refuse to vote for Trump because he has had multiple marriages. I think Jesus would refuse to vote for Trump because Trump has a demonstrated pattern of not wanting to pay ‘the thousands of jobs’ he has created without expensive legal action. Because while I am not qualified to do a formal mental diagnosis, he appears to be a massive narcissist. Because Trump is not humble enough to be criticized without striking out at his ‘attackers’.


I still need to reflect on it. But I think that if I want to move closer to where Jesus would be, I should vote for Clinton and find ways to express my opinion to move her towards a more Bernie-like agenda. I think that is what Jesus would do.


Jesus will always stand with the underclass with the outsider guest post on Average Advocate for God & Politics Series


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