A few years back I did a series on God and politics here on Average Advocate. To be honest, I am scared of what I said (or any other guest poster) and I haven’t dug them up from the belly of this beast. But this election demanded that I try again, as I invite you to guest post here at Average Advocate.


Before I go any futher, skip to the first posts in the series:

Seeking Justice


But, with an especially unique election coming, I can’t help but wonder what everyone else is really thinking. I don’t want to be bashed by opinions or propaganda, of course.  But I kinda do want to know if other people–specifically, justice-seekers–feel the same tension as I do. I want to know how they are processing this election with that question on their lips: Can we vote in a way that brings social good and justice to our nation?


Why Bring God Into the Mix?


Why God, then? Why not “justice and politics?” 


I know, I know, it is “dangerous” to mix religion and politics. But who are we kidding? We all do it. Whether you are a humanist, a Christian, Buddhist or Jew (or Muslim, etc . . .) we all choose and create legislation based off of our morality (which comes from our worldview). Therefore, politics tends to either be influenced by religion/worldview or defines worldview. Justice itself is a moral construct, so . . .

Even if you claim this isn’t the case, I know my moral compass is spinning crazily as I face this year’s ballot. I truly want to see how people are processing their choices, guided by their view of God and right/wrong.


Considering, I opened this blog up for people to post anonymously post their process as they struggle through the political reality, from their worldview, while still seeking justice.


Www.averageadvocate.com god and Politics series to seek justice

Without further ado, I am going to start posting people’s thoughts to help us become more well-rounded as we consider how we will vote, if we will vote, in this election.


*Disclaimer: these posts do not reflect the opinion of Average Advocate*


Here are the instructions for posting on Average Advocate‘s God and Politics series:


1.) Again–these will be anonymous

2.) They are supposed to include your moral views (it doesn’t have to be God)

3.) The purpose is to express your considerations of how to vote in this election in regards to creating a justice and compassionate society

4.) These aren’t supposed to be LONG–they can be a previous Facebook post or conversation with your friends

5.) These writings are supposed to sound like YOU working through your tension. Not a “you should vote for__________because . . .” You are persuading or making the best judgement call for yourself.

6.) You don’t actually have to come to a conclusion

7.) They must mention concerns regarding social justice or they won’t fit on Average Advocate (poverty, poverty related diseases, trafficking, homelessness, racism, abortion, the ability and access to better one’s life, etc . . . are all considered having to do with a just society)

8.) The goal of posting this is to help others also concerned with justice to look at the election from different angles, not just from the perspective they always hear in their circles

9.) I am looking for people with different views

10.) Oh ya, these aren’t meant to attack others (good luck!)


I need all of these by Monday morning, November the 7th. And by then all your friends might have voted by mail, so earlier is better!


Contact me if your interested! And thank you for your vulnerability.