I don’t know about you, but my moral compass has been spinning during the 2016 election. I want to seek justice as I vote, but I am not sure it is possible. To help myself (and others who felt this same tension), I asked you guys to share with me your own perspectives as you try to balance your worldview, beliefs about God, and opinions as you seek the good of our nation through the context of justice.


The goal of these points aren’t to fight, but to help us consider the same three points from various vantage points to help us look at all angles.


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God & Politics: ANONYMOUS #4 (Weighing All The Candidates) 


I am a post-evangelical Christian; a significant issue that led moved me from evangelicalism to considering myself a post-evangelical are issues of justice; justice for the poor and minorities in America and justice for people outside of America.
In my opinion, Trump is an absolute non-starter based on these principles; his perspective on foreign and domestic policy contains no consideration of justice or equality for these groups in my opinion.

I have not researched Evan McMullin significantly, but his statements on foreign policy lead me to believe that he will be no better than Trump or Clinton on justice to those outside of America, and his domestic policy statements on his website seem to indicate a Republican/Libertarian perspective on those issues in this country which will not improve conditions for the poor in America.

I voted for Gary Johnson in 2012; since then my understanding of Libertarian economic policy has led me to the opinion that justice for poor and minorities is not a significant consideration to the Libertarian Party; their idea of unrestricted markets will likely continue the current issues that tend to lock people in poverty in this country.

Hillary Clinton will likely lead to better outcomes for the disenfranchised in America for two reasons:  the pressure placed on her to move towards the left during the primaries by Bernie Sanders, and that her ambition to be a significant President will want her to address issues of the poor and minorities in this country.

The Green Party, represented by Jill Stein, is a very attractive option is justice issues are a concern to you.  If you look at the parties website (gp.org) it is clear that justice issues are important to them.  Something that raises consideration of voting for the Green Party in my mind is that while they have no realistic chance to win the presidency, if they get five percent of the popular vote, they are recognized as a minor party, which will help increase their visibility a great deal, which I am in favor of.

A party I recently came across which intrigues me is the American Solidarity Party(http://www.solidarity-party.org/).  They have a Christian justice-focused outlook, which I will need to research further.

In my final consideration of who to vote for I feel that Donald Trump is unacceptable for President of the United States for many reasons.  If I consider my state safe to vote for The Green Party or American Solidarity Party, I will vote for one of those.  Otherwise, I will vote for Hillary Clinton.


I appreciate the vulnerability of those who chose to share. Considering, even if you disagree with them, please keep your comments clean and respectful or they will be deleted.