So, your gonna give some water, aren’t you!? Good for you!


Consider this your one stop-and-shop for clean water. Unless I forgot some charities. Which I have. After all, you can’t expect me to know every charity and organization there is out there! So I will just give you a few (all of which are not going to steal your money, but rather they will use if for good).


Charity:water can give you a lot more information on the importance of water, which you might not know (unless you read my post Blog Action Day: Delicious Water). Personally, I really like charity:water. This might have to do with the fact that 100% of their profits go to water, or maybe its because the guy who started it was just a passionate young person who was also born in September, just like me. September birthdays unite!


Learn about their September Campaign at this post here.


Project H2O is another organization worth considering donating to. They give 100% of their donations away,which is one of the ways they are similar to charity:water of NYC. I’m guessing it is because Project H20 is from Georgia, without the rich and famous promoting it, which is why this organization hasn’t had the same explosive growth charity:water has had. Project H2O is more like a grassroots movement, which I feel like I can connect and empathize with.  I am just another average person trying to do big things, like those who staff it are. They also have a strong partnership with a church, and are looking for more ways to partner with others.


Another great organization is Living Water International. They can’t give 100% of their funds, but they are still awarded four stars by Charity Navigators. Notably, their water initiatives are done in the name of Jesus. I know this makes a lot of Christian’s happy, including myself. Jesus said in Matthew 10:42 to give a cup of water in His name. One can argue that this only means one’s motive should be for Jesus, or that one actually should write “Jesus” with a black Sharpe on a bottles of water you pass out.  Regardless, giving to an organization such as Living Water International might be the best place for you to donate in order to avoid any moral dilemmas which might paralyze you from giving.


Blood:Water Mission is also another cool charity which also has some great ideas on how to help, such as the classic summer lemonade stand, where each dollar goes towards clean drinking water. In addition, they also are doing a lot to stop the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which makes them pretty rad. Killing two birds with one stone. Or should I say setting two birds free with one drop of clean water?


Also, I probably should mention WaterAid as its probably the biggest organization for this type of thing, working with the UN, governments and all that jazz. It is also awarded four stars with Charity Navigators.


These charities have very effective, considerate, and sustainable  practices. Which means giving to them does not just throw money down a bottomless well by building these wells. These wells actually transform communities and save lives. They are magic wells.


If you are looking specifically for other Christian organizations which do other things, besides just focusing on water, World Help, Compassion InternationalWorld Vision, Gospel for Asia, and Gospel Revival Ministries are some other options.


If there is some water-giving organization you love, please post them in the comments section and why you love them. Thanks!