Recently I was able to guest post on Glorious Table about the soundtrack of lies and doubts we women have heard our whole lives about our beauty and worth. To overcome this for the next generation, we must train our daughters to be warrior princesses. We can’t wait until middle school or high school, but we must begin fighting for our girls while they are young.

Check it out here: Warrior Princess

Below is a snippet:

My daughter confessed to me her deepest fears as I tucked her damp hair behind her ear, wet from her rolling tears.

“I’m stupid.”

“I’m not pretty enough.”

“I can’t be perfect!”

“No one will like me.”

“I shouldn’t even try.”

“I’m too skinny.”

These phrases were all too familiar. They hail from ancient history, even if they’re still just beginning to be addressed today. They are the soundtrack of modern womanhood.


This hateful soundtrack appears in messages everywhere, and its potency works quicker than poison and is sharper than knives. Even when you think you’ve been covering your daughter’s ears, or loudly scream-singing a different message, your protection and voice won’t be enough.

You see, a vendetta against our daughters exists even before they’re born. I do not joke when I say the message of “not enough” begins warring inside them before we can imagine. Most of us look for the battle during the teenage years and are surprised to discover that the raging war moved right in on us years earlier when we were unaware. Now we have to run to catch up.

We are left with only two real choices: We either risk losing the battle or we begin training our babies for war by giving them a sword when they’re infants. Instead of playing Mozart, we can even sing truth and royal identity over our wombs so they come out fighting.

Let’s teach them to be warrior princesses.

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Warrior Princess Fighting for our Girls Young and warrior figurine