If you have a world-changing vision for your business, organization, or project, and haven’t been able to achieve it or are having trouble mapping out how to get there, consider social good consulting.


Social Good Consulting with Average Advocate


Fees and Hiring Process


Please send questions or requests via the contact form below.


I am so happy you are considering take a first step by having a free 1/2 hour initial consultation and get-to-know each other conversation via phone, video-call, or in person. I want us to both feel confident I am a good fit for walking your path with you!


Honestly, I am not scary or intimidating, but am rather casual. If you don’t like casual, I will probably disappoint you. 


My consultant fees (for projects and organizations) are $325 per session through January, 2017.


What does a session include?

  • One meeting (1-2.5 hours)
  • Action items resulting from that meeting (2-4 hrs)


I recommend having one to four sessions a month until your project/organization is up-and-going as determined by the goals we will set at our initial meeting.




I also provide a consulting scholarship to one organization/individual once a year.



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