Hi World Changer!

I started my first blog fourteen years ago. The content included badly written, excessively long essays about who knows what. (Most were never read, which is probably better!)
I was fighting, discontent and depressed. I advocated with anger and was insecure about where I belonged, thrown into adulthood and wondering what the heck happened. After all, what I dreamed life would be was just overwhelming, mundane, and confusing.
Ever been there?
Eventually I figured out how to make the difference I was born to make. I lead and started organizations, I got involved in social issues and taught people how to pursue justice.
And I burnt out.
I don’t want that for you. In fact, I want to help you as much as possible to skirt past the mistakes I did. I’ve done this long enough that I am positive I can help you reignite those dreams (or find some purpose in the first place), help you figure out how to be you (ideally, fully alive) and make a difference in the world where you fit best.
This might be starting an orphanage in Africa, yes. But even more likely, your a busy mom trying to lead her family to be kind and compassionate, a business man and father who hates sex trafficking, or a empty-nester who has time on their hands to be a mentor, or start a non-profit.
Whoever you are, I am happy to meet you and I know we can find our world changing path together. do this together.


How do you start being you were meant to be and make the difference you were born to make? Here is a random assortment of starter resources you can use (gratis!) that I use when I coach, consult, or do world-changing projects.

Just choose one that looks interesting to you to get going!

Click above for 7 Qualities of Influencer Who Make a Difference Checklist


Many people aren’t sure how to get from who they are now to who they want to be–this extensive workbook walks you through the steps to get there:

What motivates you to become a world changer? Thinking through the questions on this worksheet will help you go down to the roots of what you believe so that you can know what you are building your life upon:

The next tool is meant to help you know yourself. Why? Because you can’t find your best world changing role unless you know what roles you would come alive in! Learn more about why knowing yourself is essential to being a world changer here or just start with the guide here (or click below):


One question Elisa gets asked all the time is, “What things I can do from where I am that influence global issues?” How many of us have a hard time believing that what we do matters, or that we can invite others with us along the journey?

This guide compiles over thirteen projects you can do locally that make a difference in the world globally. Don’t let not knowing where to start be an excuse to keep you from making the difference you were born to make! Choose one of these, and then share about it on our Facebook Group!


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