The second stage to becoming an ordinary world changer is “define,” a stage all about knowing who you are. Just as knowing what we are passionate about is an element in discovering our calling, pin-pointing our personality types can also play a vital function in discovering our best roles as a world changers.

(Don’t miss the post where we talked about your holy discontent–your passions–and what to do about them here)

It is amazing how, when we start to discover our holy discontent, how many of us cope quickly with action. It does help us make feel better, but sometimes we aren’t actually offering anything sustainable as we check our discomfort off our lists and then we don’t do anything more.

I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me “Human trafficking? Oh ya. That is horrible! I saw something on CNN about that. And that movie, Taken with Liam Neeson?! That is just so wrong. I even shared it on Facebook!

First, Taken 1, 2, & 3 is not typical human trafficking. Although elements in it are true–like girls can be kidnapped and sold for sex–more often than not they are manipulated into it rather than kidnapped. Liam Neeson might be hardcore, but these movies can’t become your definition of human trafficking.  

Secondly, don’t get me wrong. I am all for slacktivism. But, don’t let it end there. Sharing a post on Facebook is a first step, not a last step. So if this post is your first step, congrats. If not, well, I am glad you are here!

Why Is Knowing Who You Are Helpful?

The truth is–and the whole premise Average Advocate is built upon–is that we have a hard time knowing where to start and how not to feel overwhelmed. Although we were born to make a difference, figuring out our best role, let alone best step, can be pretty challenging with our limited time, resources, and energy.  

This is why I find it imperative to focus on what people are gifted in when I am coaching people. Everyone has a natural set of strengths, a default personality, and is even gifted by God himself for specific purposes (at least as followers of Jesus believe). 


You will never find contentment until you discover who you are


So if you feel aflame with holy discontent, pause for awhile to learn who you were meant to be by embracing your strengths. You will never find contentment in life until you stop trying to be who you aren’t and start being who you are.




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