Summer Movies to Create Awareness In Your Life

Every once in awhile I throw one of these posts out there–keeping you informed about recent new documentaries you might want to check out. It isn’t like these are the “things” as there are hundreds of short documentaries I want to watch. But these were the ones I saw, so they get passed to you.

These three are all under half an hour and worth your time to add to your summer movie list. They will wake you up, acting as a reminder to keep going strong, loving the poor and oppressed.

The Nuba Mountains:

The Worst Atrocity You Have Never Heard Of

Did you realize this genocide was happening? I’ve been following this on-and-off for the past few years, but honestly, I totally forgot. I can’t believe some of my global neighbors are facing this.


US Foster Care

Zoe’s Story–Removed Part 2

I’ve been challenging myself to learn more about foster care, and came across this movie. Now we all need to realize this is just one person’s story in foster care–many kids have different experiences. Still, let’s consider if there are ways we can step in to walk with the Zoe’s of our world.


Migration and the Sexual Worth of Women

Is Rape the Price to Pay For Migrant Women Chasing the American Dream?

You can check out the article here where this video came from to learn more.

In this one we have to backtrack, to understand why these women are off traveling anyway. I know many people are rather anti-immigration, but usually this is also coupled with a lack of information about the foundational reasons people migrate–In a nutshell, survival.

This year was notable for the many children who illegally were smuggled into the USA. Many of these kids risked their lives, but they did so because their life was already at risk. It is true that poverty and the inability to make an income is one of the main driving factor for people to immigrate. But even more so, especially from the new tide of immigrants from Central America, there is so much oppression created by unjust and evil men in power. Honestly, I would probably try to run away as well, after hearing the stories.

It is in the middle of this incomprehensible life, fleeing towards hope, where this above video lands us.  As it highlights, this is where women are used.  They are raped, sex trafficked, or they feel forced to use their bodies to satisfy men’s lust–the opposite of what they dreamed of as children, I am sure. Forget being a Disney Princess!

  • How much do you understand about why people immigrate? Can you dedicate 15 minutes of your time to research this further?

If you didn’t watch them right now, put these on your summer movie list! 

Hope these helped open your eyes to some of the current events in our world, and not take for granted the freedoms you hold. How can you use your freedom to love others?