The Little Black Dress Projects of the Past


Not surprisingly, we’ve learned a lot over the years of LBD Project history. Click on the below links or images to see the past organizations we’e backed, the past outfits we wore, the lessons we’ve learned and the cool things that have happened! Simply because a group of us worked together, raising awareness while fundraising to end human trafficking.


Little Black Dress Project 2016


LBD Project 2016 Raised $8730

#LBD2016 Over $8730 Raised!


Little Black Dress Project 2015

2015 March LittleBlackDressProject. Flyer With Border

#LBD2015 over $7000 raised

Little Black Dress Project 2014


#LBD2014 over $4400 raised

Little Black Dress Project 2013

Results of LBD 2013

 #LBD2013 over $4600 raised

Little Black Dress Project 2012

LBD Project 2012 Day 40 Collage


2012 was the beginning of it all, when it was still called Action: Little Black Dress and it was just Elisa at first before two other brave people joined her. 2012 was also before we began to focus on human trafficking and instead were responding to the famine in the horn of Africa.

As mentioned in those early posts, from 2012, this whole thing was inspired by the Uniform Project, in which a girl who wore a black dress for a year to help bring education to girls. We are so thankful for the movement she inspired here at Average Advocate!