With a total of $8730, #LBD2016 raised more money than in any other year!


LBD Project 2016 Total Donated

Guess what? We have raised over $26,950 over the last five years! Isn’t that amazing?


The majority of the monies raised were for A21’s refugee project. Over seventy-seven refugees who were modern slaves in Greece and at least two refugee girls in the region were freed from sex trafficking during the time we were doing the LBD Project. It really helped make what we were doing more tangible!


The other large amount of money raised this year went to Present Age Ministries, a local non-profit in North Carolina.


Posts From This Year’s LBD Project:



We are so thankful for all who participated and donated to the Little Black Dress Project 2016! If you are interested in joining us next year, sign-up here.


LBD Project 2016 Elisa Johnston Founder of Average Advocate Total Donated



What Was The LBD Project 2016 About?

Little Black Dress Project Color Year 5 - Edited


Check Out Our New Website HERE


Interested in wearing the same thing to change the world? Making a difference by daily pulling up those black fishnets or buttoning up your black suede cigar jacket?


Or maybe you are on the other side, having heard someone talk about the Little Black Dress Project with their super trendy hashtag #LBDProject2016. (Maybe that someone is actually your great-great-niece and you are required by family code to donate money.)


Whatever brought you here, we are glad you came. Because the moment you landed on this page you became a world changer. Maybe you just inched towards being a world change a smidgen, but you are inching none-the-less. We know that through your participation, however big or small, human trafficking, a form of modern day slavery, comes to a great demise.


So what is the Little Black Dress Project? Please, please, and please check out our About LBD Project page, because it it the home of all. the. facts.


During the month of February, the first wave of LBDPROJECT2016 participants has already started going strong. Go to this post if you are part of this group or want to donate to Present Age Ministries LBD Project to learn more.


For the March wave of LBD Project, we are still working through the logistics, and as we have them ready, we will put the orgs below in donation widgets.


Our featured organization this year is A21, as they are working on prevention among the vulnerable population of refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq. If you look at Amnesty International and the UN’s research, women are highly targeted and many (if not most) are being sexually exploited.

You can learn more about that here.



Some of you might be considering joining us. Please do. Trust me. You can do it. (Read Andye’s story from last year here).


From experience, we know that this project is difficult to stick-with without a community to walk with you through it. Considering, we can’t encourage you enough to subscribe to the LBD Project email communications and join our Facebook group to be given all the support you need to do this project and to do it well (an email weekly during the project, then only touching-base here-and-there until we re-ramp for the following year).


We are better together! Looking forward to doing something awesome with you this year!


Go HERE to learn more or donate to 2016!



Please use the below images to invite others via email, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, printing a flier, etc… If you are fundraising for another organization, please let us know so we can make sure you have relevant images for them.

LBDProject2016 Flyer A21