I believe I might have written about Burma, before. Although my rumpled Spanish might seem like a clue that I have a thing for South & Central America, my heart is full for Asia. Considering Burma, (politically referred to as Myanmar, though not international recognized as such), there are a lot of human rights abuses and other issues to keep in prayer this day. We are not just talking “Boy would it be nice if they were democratic, like us.” We are talking about an authoritative military regime trying to drive out or kill anyone who is a minority group, a Christian, or overtly an advocate for democracy. Let’s just say that I would not be welcomed there, and neither would you. I mean, they aren’t that terrible. In the recent protest led by myriads of peaceful Buddhist monks (The Saffron Revolution of 2007) only a hundred people were killed, a few thousand were jailed, and a few hundred were beaten/shot. Of course know one knows for sure, as the official toll from the military government is undoubtedly very understated, and its not too agree on other estimates.  Sadly, the attempted revolution didn’t change anything.

This link gives a lot more information on the current state of things: http://prayforburma.org/

Last year’s post on the Global Day of Prayer for Burma gives a lot more information.