An Average Illinois Teen Became an Advocate

Abby and I connected a month or two ago via twitter. I was drawn to her immediately because of her conviction that she can make a difference in our world. She is doing something artsy/crafty people can easily replicate, selling their products online. I’ve been searching for ideas for creative people to embark on (read this post). This interview was born when I asked if she would want to share her story in a blog post, in which I received a resounding “YES!”

Can you let me know a little about you?

I’m Abby St. Claire, a typical high school student who loves God. He has blessed me with the gift of creativity and a heart for others! I am making accessories and jewelry to sell on Etsy and to donate the money to END7 and 30 Days, One Reason, an organization that feeds children.

What would you say your passion is?

My passion is fashion (I’m being serious on that one) and also design, but I have a passion for God, and along with that comes a passion for people that are hurting.  I want to do all that I can with the things that God has blessed me with to help others.

Why Etsy?

I decided on Etsy because it is the easiest thing ever and it is simple to get your stuff out there for all the world to see.

How long have you been crafting for?

Oh gee, that’s a tough one. I started actually making pretty things last September-ish, but I have honestly been “crafting” my whole life. My grandma loved crafts, and so did my mom, so I guess it runs in the family!

Why did you decide to sell your crafts?

During a summer camp called Breakaway, an organizer’s daughter went up on stage to talk about her mission focus for this year. She started to explain how the organization she is working with feeds a kid for a month for only $20. I believe God spoke to me then to open an Etsy shop to raise money for these kids. You may think that it was a booming voice that told me, but it wasn’t. It was a thought from my own head, but I just knew that it was from God!

It’s truly amazing, because we are made to believe that in order to change the world you must stand up in front of thousands to make a speech, but through this, I’ve come to realize that I can change the world just by doing what I do best . . . crafting!

Was your motivation for supporting 30 Days, One Reason? The location or the issue?

I didn’t pick the location for 30 Days, One Reason, Haiti was already presented as their target country for this year with. For future years, I would love to help other countries that not many people are aware of.

Why did you choose End7 as the other organization you want to donate to?

I don’t just want to raise money to feed children, because I feel like there are so many issues in the world that hunger seems to be a huge part of it. I then found out about END7 through twitter, one of the celebrities that I follow posted a video about it. I thought what they were doing is just brilliant and I longed to be apart of it.

How much of your profit are you able to give away to these organizations?

I actually decided on giving all the profit to these organizations, and I buy the supplies with the money that I would normally give to my church. At first glance, this sounds like a negative thing, but it is still tithing/donating money, because all the money (like I said earlier) goes to the organizations. 

How are you being held accountable to giving away your profits?

I stay accountable through my friends, because they were there at camp when God gave me this idea, so they are always checking in on how everything is going, which is very nice.

Has this been easy or hard?
So far, it’s been somewhat easy. I was nice because I did most of the crafting and creating in the summer, so I had plenty of time. But now that school has started up, and now that I have launched the shop, I know that things will get more difficult from here. Balancing this, school, and work to to get money for my study abroad trip will be hard, but I’m up for a challenge.

Adorn With Love Shop

All the pictures on this post are things that Abby has made. Feel free to buy some as meaningful Christmas presents at her Etsy shop!

You can follow Abby on twitter @abbystclaire.


This is the video which caused Abby to want to support END7:


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