Hello 2019! What does this year hold for the tribe of world-changing hoodlums at Average Advocate?

Like always, I hope to give you a place to start in changing the world. To empower you to be an influencer for good–even if it just starts in your own home. Average Advocate exists to help you be who you were born to be and make the different in the world you were meant to make.

So that’s what we are going to do again this year, but just a little bit better.


Before I get started with anything else, I wanted to make sure you knew that in 2019 I will do monthly giveaways on Instagram. For example, right now to fit this month’s Hello/Goodbye theme, there is a giveaway going for a 2019 planner made by a social good company until Monday, January 14th.

So, if you like getting free things, I’m just sayin’, you should probably follow Average Advocate on Instagram.

Causebox Average Advocate giveaway

What I am Giving You in 2019

The regular things will still continue–like Life Mapping, and the LBD.Project to bring freedom to modern slaves in March.

I am also finishing my own set of projects to bring to you, such a group coaching, empowering World Changers United more effectively as it moves over to Patreon, and packaging The Kindness Quest so you can do it on your own on road trips and vacations.

Those are some of the things I am giving you in 2019.

But for us to be a community, mutuality is important. We need you to give and invest by sharing what you’ve got too.

Guest Posting

One way the Average Advocate tribe will grow this year is through guest posting. Guest posting has been mostly closed for awhile now, but this year I am asking you guys to share your own stories again and lead us through your experiences and thoughts on themes.

There are some guidelines, true! But there is also plenty of space for you to be real and use your own words to empower others in the Average Advocate tribe.

On that note, what will you share with us? In 2019 we’ve got some themes we’re going to rally around!

2019 Themes at Average Advocate

This year, we have two things going on when it comes to themes. Although we won’t only stick with posts for these themes, these are our rallying point. They are a framework that you are invited to speak into.


First, we have an annual theme this year: UNSTUCK. Many of us and the world-changing things we are involved in are stuck. We can’t grow.

To make matters worse, too often those around us starting their own things that make a difference then get stuck too. It’s almost like we don’t talk or learn from each other! (Yes, if you’re picking up on sarcasm, it is because I laid it thick and heavy.)

This should not be so, friends.

That being stated, here is our introduction to Getting Unstuck in 2019.

Getting Unstuck in 2019 Growing an organization

2019 Monthly Themes:

Also, we now have monthly topics to post on and discuss together. Some of these might be touchy subjects, but I think we can get through them. After all, we aren’t enemies, but simply learning how to make the difference we are meant to make together.

  • January – Hello and Goodbye (hi new, bye old)
  • February – Immigration (from building a wall, making room at the table, to figuring out what ordinary people can do in this mess)
  • March – Trailblazing For Freedom
  • April – Social Justice & Coffee
  • May – Why Serving Is Better
  • June – Kindness Matters
  • July – War Children: Who are they and can you help?
  • August – Fundraising Ideas to Do With Kids
  • September – Being You in Your Daily Grind
  • October – Recognizing Next Steps and World-Changing Roles
  • November – Hospitality to Strangers: Is it an Oxymoron?
  • December – Traveling to Change the World (is that possible for everyday people?)

There of course are other things we’ll talk about this year besides these above, but I can’t wait hear from you in these areas! Again, if you’d like to guest post, start here.

So, Hello, 2019! Together, let’s be who we were born to be and make the difference we were meant to make!

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