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How Can I Help You?

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Hi! I am preparing content this fall to help you! The thing is, I don’t actually know what would help you make a difference in the world unless you tell me. Here’s how you can:

  1. Fill out this survey
  2. Be entered in a givewaway

I put together this short survey that takes 5 minutes. THEN, you must let me know you did it, as the survey doesn’t collect any personal data. Reply to this email, DM me on InstagramFacebook, etc…). I’ll enter you in a giveaway $10 gift card from the social good store, Pura Vida

(Don’t know what Pura Vida is? Check out some of their stuff here. They are cool and summerish)

You see, I actually care about what you want. As an idea person, I have bazillions of ideas, but honestly, there is no point in me delivering them to you unless YOU THINK THEY WOULD HELP YOU. That is why I am asking you to fill out this survey

Thank you for helping me help you! 

-Elisa @AverageAdvocate