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A few weeks ago I was thrilled to have the opportunity to hang-out with some great ladies at my new church in San Diego, Family Life Christian Fellowship. I was particularly excited about this as it gave me a chance to share my story as a world changer, but more importantly, what I’ve learned on the journey. Many people are not like me, and don’t seek a meaningful life and significance as their primary life objective. But what is common to both the ladies at this church and myself is that we all struggle to control the chaos of life and find our identity in things that do not satisfy.


The Core of Average Advocate’s Hope


Not everyone part of the community of Average Advocate shares my worldviews, but for myself, the core of who I am and the motivation for what I do is driven by my relationship with God, that I follow and belong to Jesus, the humble world-changer.


There is no way around that truth for me, nor do I want to pretend that isn’t the case because I truly believe that God is the only ultimate source of life, love, contentment and hope–without Him we are and have nothing. I’m not saying that we aren’t created to be awesome as well, but we are just a dim reflections of someone so much greater. Until we surrender to that, I just don’t think we will ever be whole.


There are a bazillion reasons why I say that, but specifically, in light of us world changers, it eventually kills us to keep trying to make our identity in what we do. On the inside we die because of a strange mix of pride and insecurity. On the outside we eventually run out of strength and burn-out. Essentially, at some point we discover that living a meaningful life might not actually cut-it.


I get that many of you might disagree, but I hope that doesn’t keep us from being friends, but rather, gives us a chance instead to understand where each of us are coming from.


I briefly go into all of this while speaking at this church (content in videos and blog posts below), hopefully relevant to both do-gooders and people with totally different interests alike. The truth is that we all have identity issues, and we all need a way to survive the chaos in life. But thankfully, there is hope for that!


Videos — The Identity of a World Changer


Unfortunately, we weren’t planning on recording this and were not prepared. Some of it was captured on a Scope, and the other part via a phone camera and uploaded to YouTube. Considering, there are gaps and it is anything but professional! Keep scrolling down if you want to read what was said, instead.


The Identity of a World Changer Part 1


The Identity of a World Changer Part 2



Most of what was said above was taken from a variety of blog posts I’ve written over the years. If you didn’t want to watch the movies above, or if you were hoping for more depth than what I spoke about, be sure to check these out!


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