I’ve been in a season trying to eradicate things like jealousy, insecurity, and competition in my life. I know this is something many of us world changers deal with, whether we are trying to make a difference in our home, community or world.

It is easy to see others as more successful, more together, more “changing the world” than we are. They look like they know where they are going. They got the “mom thing” down, or non-profit or ministry looking great…

And then we start spinning. Am I right? Yep.

Paris Carousel

ūü醠Jealousy is a carousel ūüé†

Jealousy is a carousel.

You sit high on your pretty pony

Believing you deserve it all

But then the lion beside you,

With flying mane and pastel ribbon,

Makes you feel like you’ve lost the game.

Even when you’re winning,

It’s impossible to see:

There’s always a rider in front of you

Who’s probably holding the golden key.



Have I become,

That I feel this motivation?



Off your head

Instead of laughing happily



Me, we need to

Die to this vibration

Of the carousel spinning insecurity.

See, now, won’t you smile?

Wise children can always be set free!

Anxiety, calm yourself,

Delight in the rushing of the wind

Tangling your unbound hair,

Gratitude is now your dare.

Community come hither-dither

For we can share the ponies gallantly!

Mender, be tender, polishing the hooves and nails.

But honestly, it’s honesty–the financier to run this race.

Gallop it to win, even on a carousel we recreate in grace…

Each one of us has a safe space.

To regain our joy at the fair.

gratitude is now your dare

There is joy and room for us all

Been awhile since I’ve been to Paris, and although I saw a lovely carousel at Disney last week, I didn’t ride it.

However, I know both you and I have been riding carousels of insecurity sometimes as we seek to make the difference in the world we are born to make. Let’s practice joy for our own unique position at the “fair”.

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