Are you ready to be one of this year’s trailblazers for freedom? Each March, Average Advocate runs a 31-day challenge called the LBD.Project, empowering ordinary people something to do about human trafficking.

Trailblazing Freedom LBD.Project 2019. One item. One Month. One Cause.

The LBD.Project is when people around the globe wear one black item each day in March to create awareness for and raise funds for organizations fighting human trafficking.

this march wear black to fight human trafficking

So far, we’ve raised over $60,000 to fight injustice since 2012, but we’ve done much more than that. Our mission is to create advocates to find their own role, who will trailblaze their own path to bring freedom to modern day slaves, or victims of human trafficking.

We give you an easy way to do this. In fact, we hand-hold you the whole way through March.

One month. March. One item. Black. One Cause. Human Trafficking. LBD.Project

We teach you the basics, from how to fundraise to how to leverage social media. We show you how to communicate with your “why,” rather than be pushy. We help you figure out how to throw an event that creates awareness. We tell you it is okay for you to teach your kids about modern slavery in a way that will empower them rather than scare them. We give you premade images. If you are a person of faith, we give you a prayer guide. We encourage you to see what you have already–what circles of influence you are already in–to help you find a path that you can leverage to do something about human trafficking.

human trafficking LBD.Project trailblazing freedom

All we ask in return is that you choose one black item and stick to wearing it each day in March. It can be a hat, a dress, a scarf, a shirt, a jacket, a tie, shoes, a band, etc…

trailblaze freedom with us LBD.Project 2019 human trafficking

Are you ready to be a trailblazer for freedom? We hope so. Afterall, this project is molded a little more each year to become a better fit for the everyday person who knows little to nothing about trafficking, except that they don’t like it.

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Average Advocate exists to help normal, overwhelmed, busy adulting people to find their best-selves and best paths to change the world–including human trafficking.


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