Baby Yeti is making new appearances this year, as I do my own personal Life Mapping and get my Life Map done. Life Mapping is a way of intentionally living our stories worth living so we can be who we are meant to be and make the difference in the world we are born to make.

What Does a Baby Yeti Have to do With Intentional Living?

Yetis (yes, I am referring to a white Bigfoot in the snowy mountains) strangely became the theme of the homeschool class I taught last year. Our stuffed animal, Baby Yeti, was intertwined into everything, from learning new grammar and geography, to science projects. I could throw in yeti anything, and just like that my boys could face it because it was yeti-ish. I intentionally brought him around simply because he made the mundane more digestible so we actually got it done.

Baby Yeti, Intentionally Living
(Get your own Baby Yeti here)

Sometimes it is like this with living intentionally, too. We know we need it–just like school kids need to learn their stuff–but it isn’t that easy to do. It requires time, energy, and can be pretty mundane at times. And often we need a guide to show us how, which, like last year with my classroom kids, might as well be a stuffed baby yeti toy.

What if my class missed that year of school? They would suffer. But many of us let years, decades, of our lives go by without pursuing a life worth living. But the cost of not living intentionally is too high to ignore: We never become who we are meant to be, nor do we make the difference we are born to make.

For however long we have left, it is worth it to live intentionally, even if it means we need a yeti to help us get there.

Story worth living

How Do We Live Intentionally?

Okay, so sure, maybe we agree that a good life means not just striving for nothing and not just striving to win, but actually redefining success, winning, to be a story worth living that we can embark on.

But how do we embark on it? Even if we do figure out what a life worth living looks like for ourselves, actually doing it–living it–is a whole different game. It can be hard, mundane, and takes a lot of perseverance. No wonder so few do it! (Baby Yeti agrees.)

I don’t want to be one of those people than gets to the end of my life, still never really overcoming the same battles, never being the fully alive version of myself, and never actually putting my time, resources and energy into what matters most. I mean, do you?

Life Mapping is the method I use to live intentionally and actually move towards what is good. In this pic, Baby Yeti is guarding over my personal map for this autumn like a boss (thanks Baby Yeti)!

Life Mapping Workbook

Life Mapping is For Living Intentionally

I’ve never hidden the Life Mapping method with you (you can get my free Life Mapping workbook here, or start with the more simple, and also free, Purpose Roadmap: A Story Worth Living workbook tool. But this Fall, for the first time, I am offering virtual six-week coaching groups to show you how to do live intentionally with Life Mapping.

Purpose Roadmap Living a Story Worth Living

This is a big deal as Life Mapping is really hard to do without accountability and a guide to help you walk through it. That’s what myself (and Baby Yeti) are for!

Heck, you can even get the group package THIS VERY MINUTE by going to the “book an appointment” button below, and if so, I’ll schedule the group coaching sessions around YOUR schedule, starting the first week of October. Then you’d be a lucky duck (but Baby Yeti might eat you)!

Book an Appointment

As this is my first time hosting virtual groups, I am drastically reducing Life Mapping to $97 for the full six weeks–I highly recommend taking advantage of this, as it probably won’t stay this low.

Also, I will be giving you access to the updated Life Mapping Workbook and online document that you’ll eventually write your personal Life Map in, making it easy to change and create new goals for each season.

Life Mapping: a Life-Long System To Live Intentionally

The amazing thing about Life Mapping is that you only have to write it out once and it works for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. It is a living document that goes over your purpose, priorities, future hopes, goals, and scheduling. Each season you update it to reflect your current life to keep moving forward towards who you want to be and how you want to make a difference by the end of your life.

This is the one thing I love most about Life Mapping–not only does it help me live intentionally, being who I am meant to be and making the difference I am born to make, but I can continue to use this system for the rest of my life. It is worth my energy, and I know you won’t regret it either.

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Plan on joining Baby Yeti and I if you want to get better at being intentional with your life by getting your Life Mapping coaching sessions.

How do you sign-up?

1.) Go to the appointments and sign-up for a virtual life mapping group. PLEASE NOTE: Schedule it for anytime! It will not matter, and I will manually reschedule it into a group slot for your actual time (Square Appointments will not allow you to group schedule).

2.) I’ll contact you after you sign-up, and you’ll tell me which of the groups works the best for you:

Six Week Life Mapping Intensives:

  • Thursdays, 9:00am-9:15am PST. October 3nd through November 7th, 2019.
  • Tuesdays, 12:00pm-12:45pm PST. November 12th through December 17th, 2019.

Every-other Week Life Mapping:

  • Fridays, 11:00am-11:45am PST. October 4th through December 6th, 2019.
  • Wednesdays, 9:00am-9:45am PST. October 9th through December 18th, 2019.

Are you interested in doing this Life Mapping special but there isn’t a time listed that works for you? Simply contact me and let me know, because there is the possibility I can make another group or two if there is interest!

Living Intentionally Spiritually With “SERVE” and the Mentorship Circle

Baby Yeti might not be present for these groups, but I also am hosting two others this Fall, specifically catering those who look at intentional living through the lens of their Christian Faith. Both of these groups are free.

The first of these is a small group (families welcome) focused on discipleship through the lens of Biblical Justice and living missionally, dubbed SERVE.

  • Sunday’s, 12:30-2:30pm PST in San Diego

The second group is more dear to my heart than any other, a group just for women, the Mentorship Circle.

To be clear, a Mentorship Circle is much different than Life Mapping, but will still equip you to live intentionally in the context of faith to be who you are meant to be and make the difference you are born to make.

Also, for the people who are interested in living a full life as they follow Jesus, and are looking personal guidance, I will be hosting one of these challenging groups virtually through the 2019/2020 school year on Monday mornings PST.

Learn more about what a Mentorship Circle is and apply to be part of the 2019/2020 Mentorship Circle here.

PLEASE APPLY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, EVEN IF YOU CAN’T DO MONDAY A.M. Why? I won’t know there is interest in another time unless it is communicated to me, and there is a possibility I can open up another group virtually or in person.

Living Intentionally with Average Advocate Coaching