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SMART goals aren’t just a cool fad, but are actually an incredible way to help us live intentionally as rising leaders, busy parents, and people who are making a difference in the world.

This week I am doing a SMART goal challenge on social media as I prepare for the Virtual Fall 2019 Life Mapping Coaching Groups.

Truthfully, I am not really 100% great at following through on things. (After all, I am an enneagram number 7! But if you’re not into enneagram, here are some other personality tests if you are interested).

It isn’t because I am good at productivity hacks that I do them, but because I’ve had to learn time management, productivity and scheduling to be a good leader and move forward making a difference. And as such, now I intentionally create SMART goals for myself each season as I do my Life Mapping (and help others do theirs).

A lot of us rising leaders are here because we are needed and willing to step-up, not because we are naturally great at everything! I.e., be encouraged!

Interested in the challenge? Join with me on Facebook and Instagram this week as I lead you through each letter and we tackle a project I am working on for Blackout Trafficking with SMART Goals.

BUT, your job is to make SMART goals for yourself!

*Update: Watch the videos from this week here: The last day you get a quick overview all the way through!*

Monday: Specific

Tuesday: Measurable

Wednesday: Attainable

Thursday: Relevant

Friday: Time-based

Five minutes a day might go a long way! (Yay, that was a bad rhyme, I admit it! Does anyone want a peanut? #PrincessBride)

Are you ready to live intentionally? Schedule your Life Mapping Coaching Group here!

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