Anyone else here started a nonprofit? I am finishing a resource for people who are curious if they should or shouldn’t start a nonprofit. Its one of the most common questions I get asked.

In addition to helping people determine if they should start a nonprofit, I thought it would be great to include some quotes from those who have! Then it would benefit those who’ve started one too. As always here at Average Advocate, #communityovercompetition!

In a sentence or two or three, please choose one of these to address:

– “I wish someone told me [before starting a nonprofit]…”

– “I wouldn’t have started a nonprofit if…”

– “I’m glad I choose to start a nonprofit even though….because….”

Please contact me here or DM me on any social media account (@AverageAdvocate). Please include your quote, the name you want listed, and a link. Or you could just add your thoughts in the comments below!

Feel free to share with anyone who has started a nonprofit so they can add their wisdom! I expect to complete this by the end of March 2023.

I really appreciate it! Thanks for your help!