What is this? Why do we do it? Why does it seem like we are wearing the same dress/skirt/shirt/sweater all the time? Doesn’t that get a little nasty? Trust me. We wash them. (Sometimes.)

One Month. One Dress. One Cause. Button..png


Each year, a random group of people around the country decide to wear the same black article of clothing for a month as a personal challenge to raise awareness and money to help those in our world who have been forced, used, mistreated, and abandoned. These are the modern slaves of our world, also known as victims of human trafficking. As we wear the same dress, we experience what it is like to have limited choice. Our freedom is only slightly limited, whereas the freedom of the trafficking victims we represent has been unjustly stolen from them.


So, together we will don our black dresses or shirts or or suits or skirts or fishnet leggings for a month in order to raise awareness and funds for those whom are begging for an intervention.


Are you inspired? I invite you to join us change the world through this simple action.



Don’t write it off yet or freak-out! Although it is challenging, it is oh so rewarding! Find a friend to do it with, that always helps. Then join our communications to be supported and be invited to our Facebook group.


By doing this little thing together, we do something great. Because little things can make a big difference. Let’s bring FREEDOM! #WorldChangersUnite!


We are still working through the kinks for Little Black Dress Project 2016, coming this February and March! Please sign-up here so you don’t miss out! This year we are hoping to exceed $25,000 for our five year combined total! It turns out little (average) people can do big things too. #LBD2016.



If you are one of those planners and actually like to know what you are doing before committing, in a nutshell, this is how this advocacy project works:


LBD Project 2012 Day 40 Collage

1.) Be committed to wearing the same item of clothing part of every day for a month.

2.) Ideally, share a picture of you in that same item daily.

3.) Let those around you know why you are wearing the same thing all the time.

4.) Lead the way by making a donation to these organizations.

5.) Ask those you know to donate $5+ to the fundraising page (or yourself, which you in turn will donate for them).


For more information on how to take part in Project Little Black Dress, this post explains how. Pay special attention to “The Escapist Rules” section, which goes into more detail about what you can get away with. Then this post gives steps 1-5 to support you. Just be sure to change the wording to fit this year’s goals.


If you want to understand my motivation, details, and personal stories about this project, go to these many posts below. The answers to your questions are spelled out here like in a spelling bee:


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