Kids Character Challenge


Start here if you want to help your kids love others, live justly and make a difference. This weekly guide helps you (and your kids) do this easily, with one weekly mantra and weekly action.

*Please note this is a digital download and no physical copy will be mailed.*



5 Phases of Rising UpReady to rise up? See where you are on the journey and find your next step.

Empower your kids to make a difference with a foundation of loving others, living justly and doing good.

Time Commitment: 5-15 minutes a week per activity.

Age Range: All ages!

This easy to print weekly guide covers 36 weeks of value mantras and corresponding activities that you and your family can do to start exploring what it means to love others, live justly, and make a difference.

*Please note this is a digital download and no physical copy will be mailed.*

Live justly

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Like you might be, I’m a busy parent, a leader of some, and I even burnt-out while doing world changing things (surprise!). I re-calibrated. I’ve brushed-off, grown a little, and now use my experiences (both the good and bad) to continue empowering you to make a difference–but while also guiding you be more fully alive. Sound good? > Let’s do this!


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Kids Character Challenge Average Advocate

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