How To Know If You Are a Baby-Lover

I am proud to announce I have a perfect way for you to advocate, oh lover of babies! I am pretty sure you have already self-diagnosed yourself as a baby-lover if you are one, but in case you are unclear, I made a simple test to help you determine if this is you:


  • When you see a newborn, are you unable to look away?
  • Do you loving holding miniature hands?
  • Do you find yourself occasionally itching to hug the miracle of an impossibly small human to your chest?
  • Do you work in the church nursery to get your baby-fix?
  • Is is difficult to resist the urge to touch a chubby cheek (just to clarify–the chubby cheek of someone under age five)?
  • Do you get go all papa bear or mama bear on someone who is unkind to a child in your presence?
  • Do you offer to babysit for fun (even if you like to return the children to their parents after a couple hours)?


Add up the times you answered “yes” to these questions. If you answered “yes” one time, three times, or all seven times, you indeed have a soft spot for the littlest ones. Considering your positive diagnostic, I believe you should seriously consider investing in the below advocacy project.



Baby Rescue With World Help


Every month I join with other World Help bloggers to cover the things this awesome organization is doing to help funnel us average folk into something meaningful. This month the bloggers went on a trip to Guatemala to see the World Help’s Operation Baby Rescue program firsthand. I wasn’t able to go with them this time, but I did want to share with you the things they learned about.


What is Operation Baby Rescue?


The strategy is essentially to nourish sick and dying children back to health by providing much-needed medical attention, nutrition, and other supplies that can save their lives (hence the word, “rescue”). Sometimes these kids are on the verge of death, other times they are just not doing well. But for those children who get to be part of this program, their lives are saved, their health is regained and they are able to reunited with their families.


Loving babies back to life? It is such a beautiful thing.



Check out the short video below to see how this works:

Operation Baby Rescue Story from World Help on Vimeo.



Why I Like It:


Although we know in our heads that relief aid saves lives, if often feels like a vortex we give into that never ends. It is hard to see what is on the other side of our dollars.


Because World Help has created an intentional program to utilize our relief aid, it transforms the black-hole of children in desperate need into something we can grasp, care about, and act on.


Is it worth investing in?


I didn’t know very much about Operation Baby Rescue until my fellow World Help bloggers started reporting on it during their trip. After seeing a video of one of the bloggers in a smoking dump, where they went to provide meals for those who live in those dire conditions, my sleeping compassion awoke. It is one thing to factually know children live starving in dumps, and another to be aware and responding.


I encourage you to check out what some of these ladies said about Operation Baby Rescue. They were able to see themselves make a difference on the ground and can tell you whether this program is worth investing in much better than I can.



Next Steps:


If you are a baby-lover, I think you should check this program out. You can give to it (it costs approximately $1,200 to rescue each baby), start a campaign for your birthday or a 5k you run, or instead of Christmas presents, whatever. You can also go on a trip to help these little ones yourself.



Operation Baby Rescue


What do you think of Operation Baby Rescue? Is this something for you to take part in, advocating on behalf of these little ones?