January is for Creating Awareness

What do you associate January with? Wicked Blizzards? New Year’s hangovers? Resolutions and their slam-dunk failures? Or do you see these things in a positive light–intricate snowflakes, new beginnings, and delightful challenges? Maybe you also see January as the time to share another Infographic for human trafficking awareness month.

For me, once I get past the observe/reflect/plan mode, I associate January with Human Trafficking Awareness Month and freezing weather. At least I did.

Over the last ten years for me, when January rolled around, so did snow and colder temperatures.  Having moved to San Diego, I’m loving that there is enough of a chill for me to pretend it is winter, but our weather is still pretty great and I usually just need a light sweater.

Unfortunately, in my mind, this mild weather doesn’t correlate with the National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. I’m sure I’ll have even more trouble adjusting to not needing tights when the Little Black Dress Project 2016 commences in two months (please join us brave same-daily-clothing-wearers to ending trafficking!). In the meantime, I will have to embrace that creating awareness over the month of January isn’t required to take place indoors on a computer, but can also happen at the beach!

(I’ll let you know when I figure out how to do that “awareness on the beach” thing, although now I’m wondering if the #RedSandProject is the way to go…)

The whole point of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, in case you didn’t catch this, is to create awareness. So as you keep pushing through January–whether it is freezing or not-so-cold where you are–I invite you to consider what role you could have in influencing your circles to stand up to the evil of modern slavery.
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Infographic for Human Trafficking in the USA

In case you need a refresher on human trafficking and sex trafficking, you’re in luck, because I swear, January is also the month for new infographics! Lucky for us, software designer Vound sent us average advocates this brand-new, bright and shiny graphic for us to share with all mankind.

So take a look below at this new infographic for human trafficking share, share and share away! (Talk about an easy way to change the world!)

Hope for Human Trafficking

Hope for Human Trafficking

Hope you can use this new infographic for human trafficking awareness month!