Simply Because You Were Meant to Make a Difference . . . 


The only reason Average Advocate exists is because of our core belief that you are meant to make a difference.
We believe that you are called to this.


We believe that you are created for it.


We believe that your purpose is more than just you being happy (not that that is a bad thing). Although you are already wonderful and don’t have to prove how cool you are to us, God, or the universe, we also know that for part of you to become fully alive, you must live beyond yourself. There is no doubt in our minds that the world needs you, that particular specific person that you are.  


You Were Meant to make a difference girl with red balloon by


You were meant to make a difference.


You might not believe it yet. But we do. And we are SO rooting for you! 
We realize most of you are just finding your passion(s) and might already be learning how to live it out. Because you were meant to make a difference, Average Advocate made this free guide to help you explore different ways to make an impact that are not to hard, can be done with friends, and don’t require a lot of knowledge or skill. Most of them can be done without leaving your neighborhoods. (You can get your free copy here.)


World Changing Humanitarian Project Ideas


This guide has an unfortunately long name: Nine+ World Changing Humanitarian Project Ideas for Individuals and Groups.


An #AverageAdvocate guide for a list of world-changing humanitarian projects


I realize some of you might have already gotten your copy, but I haven’t actually made a blog post and I wanted to be sure you didn’t miss it.


Why Did We Make Nine+ World-Changing Humanitarian Projects For Individuals and Groups?  In the Average Advocate readers survey a few months ago, people asked for an easy to use guide just like this! 


All it is is a nicely designed pdf with nine official ideas. But there are more that aren’t labelled as “officially” for groups, but heck, do what you’d like!  It includes directions or links to posts on Average Advocate that teach you how to pull together these simple projects.
Easy projects that can be done with kids.


Or, easy projects to do with your favorite people.


Some you can do sitting on your couch alone (but what fun is that?).


What do I think you’d like this again? Because we believe you were meant to make a difference! (See the theme going on here?!)


Considering, I wanted to be sure you knew you could get this free guide right here. And if you liked it or think you know of others who would like it, be sure to share it or pass it on. Because we believe they were meant to make a difference, too!