Want to hear a little bit about how the LBD.Project started? One thing for sure is that it required a bit of bravery, even though it was born out of an average and mundane time.

This week this bit of my story was featured on author Kelly Johnson’s blog as part of her series, What Being Brave Looks Like (the other week I mentioned her new book and some ways you can be a firestarter by using your story here).

“Every once in awhile the mundane becomes interesting. It is when the interesting requires us to be brave and bravery is chosen over fear, a story is born. Currently, I am living one of those stories through the LBD.Project as I try to choose bravery in those “interesting” moments.”

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If perseverance is bravery too, when do we take a next step?

This post also has a lot to do with remember that our perseverance is a valid story, even if it is in your never-ending job, or in parenting. How do you distinguish when you need to recognize you are “doing something” brave simply by enduring, and when you need to step forward a little more? I can’t answer that for you, but maybe in my own story you might be able to see how I was able to recognize what bravery was.

“Although we might not always see the beauty of the stories we are living, there they are, hidden in our daily courageous choice to face the world again, to persevere, to believe in investing in things we might not see any fruit from for five, ten, or thirty years–sometimes not even until after death.”

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What Being Brave Looks Like: The LBD.Project and Bravery in the Mundane

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40 Days to Being Brave

It’s time: LBD.Project 2018

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