Eighteen months ago, I picked up my kids from school on a rainy afternoon. I was in a rush to get to the weekend women’s retreat I was leading, unaware of the significance of the moment. They piled in Rhonda the Honda with trash bags of “just in case” school supplies and chromebooks.

There had been chatter that day the school might close for a few weeks. I guessed it was happening as I sped off. 

On this foggy morning, eighteen months later, my kids unloaded from Rhonda the Honda headed to their new classrooms. Collectively, they’ve grown two feet. This time, they also had masks on. They are nervous and so excited to be back in the classroom everyday.

And in classic mama form, I am proud, relieved, worried and brimming with all of the bittersweet feels.

Here’s my blessing for these kiddos going into 8th, 7th, and 2nd for the 2021/2022 school year. The pandemic might not be gone, but these last eighteen months have been a spectacular teacher of resilience. They are a reminder of how we’ve been provided for. That there is a depth of growth we can move into, whatever is thrown our way.

And with that said, I bless you too! May your school year (whatever it looks like–homeschooling, public schooling, charter schooling, distance learning or some other hybrid) be blessed with grace, provision, growth and wisdom. May your family become a little closer to wholeness, with the hope set before you of life to the fullest.

Blessing for the school year

School Year Blessing

I bless this year,

A year of overcome grace

Where all our needs

Are again provided for

Like the provision that got us here before

Where the children grow

Spirit, body, mind and soul

May they find and follow Wisdom’s paths

I bless this year

Praying that within it we all

Become more whole

Will you pray a blessing over your family? Please tell me something in the comments you’d add!