Sometimes we need a little challenge to consider our worldviews. Especially when it comes to complicated mixes between justice, politics and religion. Starting next week, with Average Advocate and Women of Welcome we will be answering the “Did Jesus Welcome?”

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(Sorry, this time around only women are invited to discuss this study, but feel free to grab your own free copy of what it will be based on, here and make your own group!)

This Fall, we are joining Women of Welcome in their study, “Christ-Like Welcome.” (I even wrote a small piece of this group study–about my hair experience!)

Learn more about what this short study covers here and get a sent a free copy as soon as it comes out!


  • Take a break from work, grab your lunch and meet us for discussion
  • We begin October 5th
  • We meet on Tuesday’s
  • We meet at Noon Pacific Time
  • This specific study goes for five weeks (we might take agreed upon breaks)
  • We can continue with other Women of Welcome studies after this one (if there is interested)
  • The study is free and can be downloaded here – I suggest you do so before the study begins!

Unfortunately, after our first meeting, I am not 100% if the Google Meet Link will be the same each week (without me having to make you sign up for each week separately). Considering, just sign-up once and after we meet once, I will ask for your email to confirm we have the same Google Meet code each week.

Who is Women of Welcome?

Women of Welcome helps us get involved in refugee and immigration work. But more importantly, they encourage us to confront our worldview and biases about how we approach this topic of immigration as we study these related justice topics in the Bible. Although we look at the topics surrounding immigration through a Judeo-Christian worldview, all beliefs are welcome to join!

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Women of Welcome