Before she settled in Washington state with her husband and two daughters (one of which was recently adopted from China), the author of this post, Rebecca, used to work on mobilizing our church with me to care about what was beyond them. I was blessed to learn some great leadership skills from Rebecca and her husband, who spearheaded the grandiose project of building a an international mission plan from the ground-up. In addition, they also let my husband and I live with them for about two months, right when I was about to burst with baby. (I will never forget their kindness.) Rebecca previously also served the Peace Corp in Africa, was a missionary with YWAM, and worked for World Vision International.   


Make Ebola Viral in the Right Way


I’ve heard people speculating about why fundraising to stop this VIRUS hasn’t gone VIRAL? But the “why” doesn’t matter.


Let’s just do it.


ALS affects relatively few of us, but a fun and easy challenge was all that was needed for an unprecedented outpouring of generosity (read the post on the ALS Bucket Challenge here). ALS killed my grandfather. It is real, yes. Ebola is much bigger, much stronger. In contrast to the 6,320 that ALS kills each year in the USA, Ebola is projected to infect 550,000 by January 1, roughly one year since the epidemic first started. 70% of those infected will likely die.


This disease will be stopped by INDIVIDUALS, corporations and governments alike.


We can’t wait for someone else to do it.


Yes, Ebola is fearsome. But bleach kills it. Gloves stop it. Let’s make sure that those who are ALL IN fighting Ebola have what they need.


Let’s fight VIRUS with VIRAL activity. Donate now. Challenge yourself. Challenge your friends. GIVE Life. Give NOW. Please spread the word. Facebook, Twitter, or however you do it (use the hashtag #TackleEbola). The faster we give, the quicker this fight will end. The Ice Bucket Challenge did it with $10.  Easy.  What would happen if we went for $20? makes it easy to donate and get supplies where they are needed, fast.


Are you afraid of Ebola? That is valid. Please take about minute to read the companion post to this one, Ebola: Three Ways to Mitigate Your Worry, as we struggle with thoughts about Ebola in the United States.


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Note: Many other non-profits are working to curb Ebola in West Africa as well. If you are looking specifically for a faith-based organization, I recommend this one to you.