Recently I shared a story about the very real subject of talking about sex with your kids. And not just your teens or preteens–that is much too late–but about talking with your young kids about sex.

Yes, the story is mine. And when I was beginning to be sexually exploited by boys, I didn’t tell my parents because the stage of “awkward” was already set. Trust and safety is why we have to start much younger. Read the rest here.

An Excerpt From Set the Stage to Talk With Your Kids About Sex When They Are Young:

I am one of those rare kids who always knew she was loved by her parents. I generally trusted my mom and dad, my home felt safe, and I knew they would forgive me if I screwed-up (and oh, I did). I could talk with them about pretty much everything.

Everything but sex.


They told me the basics, did the necessary sex ed, and helped me work through my sexual morality. My dad would even be overly affectionate, blatantly telling me he was doing this so I wouldn’t find love from “all the wrong places,” or “all those boys, because every boy just wants your body.”

I definitely didn’t believe boys wanted my body. I secretly needed all the hugs. But I wished it felt normal and casual to talk about all things sexual long before I reached puberty. Because by the time that guy told me that I had “virgin ears,” licked his middle finger, and thrust it into my ear while saying the “F” word, I didn’t even consider asking my parents about it.


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Set the Stage to Talk With Your Kids About Sex When They Are Young (If You Want Them To Trust You)